Manuscript Monday

PhotobucketA few weeks ago, I came up with the brilliant idea of including an excerpt for PROJECT: RUNAWAY BRIDE (Book 2 in my “Project: Passion” miniseries with Harlequin Desire) in the back of PROJECT: RUNAWAY HEIRESS (Book 1 – April 2013).  I just love little sneak peeks like that when I’m reading, & thought it would be a fun way get readers revved up for Juliet’s story once they’ve finished reading Lily’s. :peekaboo

I wasn’t quite sure how that sort of thing worked at Desire, though; I’ve never had the occasion to find out.  So I asked Editor C what he thought of the idea, & if it was even a possibility.  He liked it, but said he’d have to check to see if it could be done.  When I didn’t hear back after a while, I figured it was a no-go.  Which was fine; a little disappointing, but fine.

Then I get a response from Editor C, after all.  He says they can do a 400-word excerpt, & will need the first chapter by the next day so they can pull an appropriate section.

The next day?! splat

Um…I’m kind of in the middle of something else & haven’t even started PROJECT: RUNAWAY BRIDE yet.  I had zero words written, let alone a first chapter.  So we had a real “aw, shucks” moment when we realized we’d gotten all excited for nothing. :waaa

But after I told Editor C there was no way I could get an excerpt to him overnight, it really bugged me that the opportunity was there & I wouldn’t be able to take advantage of it.  (FYI, telling me I’m not allowed to or am not capable of doing something is the very best way to get me to buck up & not only do it, but kick your ass in the process. :starwars )

So I suited up in my Weekend Warrior gear.  Re-read the short synopsis I’d written while plotting the story originally.  Then began to channel my inner Winnie-the-Pooh—think, think, think.  And I started to write.

I had no idea if I’d come up with enough for an excerpt.  I had no idea if what I came up with would be decent enough to share with anyone, let alone put in the back of the book.  But I did manage to pump out something, & the very next day, sent it off to Editor C with this note:

Okay, Charles—I whipped up a quick start to RUNAWAY BRIDE.  Not a full chapter & probably more than you actually need as an excerpt for the back of RUNAWAY HEIRESS, but I’ve gotta tell you, I love both the very start & the very end of this.  It gave me shivers when I wrote it.  So hopefully you can find a way to get the right length & still keep the really bold, catchy aspects.  That’s if A.) it’s not too late, B.) this even works, & C.) you even like it.  But, hey, at least I gave it a shot. 🙂

A few minutes later (yes, I said minutes :moonyou ), I got this reply:

Well, to start, I skimmed it and I LOVE it. Let me see what we can do…

And a couple of hours after that:

Okay, so…  (A) It wasn’t too late after all, (B) boy, does it work and (C) I don’t just like it, I love it. Stacy does too, so a 400-word excerpt of this is going in the back of PROJECT: RUNAWAY HEIRESS.  Thanks for going the extra mile to get this to me, Heidi.

Whoo-hoo!  Another crisis averted. splat

And even better, a wee excerpt of Book 2 in the back of Book 1. I love that.  Especially since I also love the excerpt & think it makes the absolute perfect opening to PROJECT: RUNAWAY BRIDE. :love

Next week, I’ll share the pages with you & we can all try to decide which 400 words will end up plucked out for the actual excerpt. :hide


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  1. Hollie says:

    Well congratulations!!
    You got a Manuscript Monday and a Tease Me Tuesday today!! All in one post!

    Can’t wait to read both of these new stories!!! :topofthemornin

  2. Ruth A. Chestnut says:

    :flutter Oh Heidi, can’t wait for the book to come out. As Hollie said, we got a 2 for 1 today. :cheers

  3. Cyndi Tefft says:

    Nice job! Sometimes all we need is the right motivation. Way to seize the opportunity!


    • Heidi says:

      Thanks, Cyndi. I was more than a little surprised I managed to throw anything together, but sometimes I work well under pressure. (Which is not an invitation to pressure me even more! :charmer LOL)

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