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Save an Animal

Save the World

  • The Rain Forest Site  Click daily to save rain forest land!
  •  The “Click to Donate” buttons are my favorite and I try to use them every day.
  • TerraCycle  Outsmart Waste—discover how & where to recycle just about anything!
  • Electronics and Appliances Recycling at Best Buy  Yes, recycling those difficult big-ticket items is as easy as dropping by your nearest Best Buy store…which is such a chore, I know. (Thanks to reader Jessica O’Brien & one of her youth group members, Liam, for passing along this link!  I recycle stuff at Best Buy personally, but didn’t realize they had webpage where everyone can learn about their recycling program.)
  • Alternative Community Training  An organization working with disabled individuals, as well as recycling your old VHS tapes, CDs, computer media, and more, keeping them out of landfills!
  • Battery Solutions, Inc.  Recycle old, dead batteries of just about every kind to keep them from poisoning the earth and ground water!
  • ~ Yemm & Hart Wine Cork Recycling  Whether you only drink socially or are a raging alcoholic, now you can recycle both your bottles and your corks!  And donates a portion of the proceeds from their recycling to Forest and Ocean Concervation—that’s double the impact!
  • JoGo Green  A fun way to learn and help the environment!  For every 10 questions you answer correctly at JoGo Green’s environmental trivia game, they’ll plan a tree in a deforested area!
  • Recycling Glass, Plastic, Metal, and More!  A fabulous site that provides links to lots of other sites to help you recycle all the things!  (With thanks to reader Stephanie Lowe & her daughter, Dakota, for providing this great link when she realized another on the page was broken.)
  • Back Thru the Future A woman-owned electronics recycling and data destruction company!  Recycle your old VHS tapes, CDs, & computer media to keep them out of landfills!
  • Recyclaholics  Zero waste packaging and recycling.
  • The Breast Cancer Site  Click daily to save lives!

Just For Fun

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