Hunk of the Month

It’s time again to vote for the Hunk of the Month who will grace the Dungeon sidebar throughout the entire month of May.

I know it’s not easy, but please pick only ONE of these delectable hotties as your favorite & vote below.

PhotobucketRide me, cowboy!

Take me, Tarzan!

Is it hot in this desert, or is it just you?

Why, yes, they are Bugle Boy jeans.


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  1. Anne says:

    Great selection this week! :sexy

  2. Donna says:

    Eh hem. I had to go with the cowboy but it was a very close contest. And the vote came only after much deliberation. Hmmm. Thank you for the challenge.

  3. Mary Kirkland says:

    Oh now that’s wasn’t fair at all! How are we supossed to choose from them? The first two are totally hot…omg, get me some ice water and a cold shower …hot.

    So hard to make a decision… :eyelashes

  4. Pamela Cayne says:

    Ah, the universe is in line again. Whenever I’m having a bad day, I come over here to get…reinspired. :mistress

    • Heidi says:

      Aww, are you having a bad day? :scared Don’t worry, it will get better. Altho, if you hung out here a bit more often, maybe you wouldn’t have a bad day to begin with. :spikey

  5. Heidi says:

    I don’t know, that desert hottie sure is drawing my attention. But I feel sorry for the Bugle Boy…he’s not getting any votes, even though he’s definitely got his :sexy on.

  6. kris says:

    that desert hottie just made my day. thank you. :sexy

  7. carole says:

    I always pick a cowboy for they are just hunks and they are just plain good-looking. I thought maybe you’d use your husbands for he’ a real hunk,too!Oh well, he’s my 2nd pick…my son and I loved his movie, but the fast and furious movies are my favorite anyways. Have a wonderful day!

    • Heidi says:

      I know…& next week is hubby’s b’day, too! :cupcake

      But if it were up to me, it would be all Dwayne all the time, & I do try to toss the rest of you a bone once in a while. :devang Besides, have you seen Mr. Desert Sheik? He definitely deserves some private “play room” time with Mistress Heidi, if she does say so herself. :mistress

  8. QUEEN RACHIE says:

    man, how to choose. they are some FINEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE choices to choose from. But I had to go with the Cowboy, it was between him and Tarzan.

  9. Hollie says:

    Desert Hottie for me please…. :angelme

  10. Grace says:

    Dessert Camo hottie……cuz really, what’s hotter than a military guy almost wearing his uniform? :brava

  11. Megan Kelly says:

    I can’t vote because my Flash is disabled (or something). It’s making me crazy. :knock But if I could I’d vote for the desert hottie (or is that dessert? lol). I’m writing a cowboy HAR right now, but I do love a man on a mission. That sand-man could give me a few pleasant dreams. yum

    • Heidi says:

      Oh, no! Well, not to worry…Desert Hunk seems to be in the lead, but I’ll add one extra vote when all is said & done, just to be safe. :wink

  12. RomConInc says:

    We actually have to make a choice? Tarzan it is! Am I the only voting for Tarzan?

  13. elizwrite says:

    Difficult choice. I’m torn between the *ahem* well-endowed cowboy and the desert hunk. Must go with the desert hunk, though, I believe.

  14. kym says:

    Id choose Tarzan, even tho cowboy is a close second !

    Thanks for the hunk of inspiration ! 😀

    Kym, who is smouldering !! :bees

  15. Laura J. says:

    I ask this every month and this month is no exception…..

    WHY CAN’T WE HAVE THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!!! :angelme

    • Heidi says:

      And every month, I respond: Have you forgotten where you are? The Dungeon. Have you forgotten who’s in charge? Mistress Heidi. Cruelty is a given. :mistress

      But we *do* give you a lovely hottie to drool over each & ever Wednesday for Happy Hunk Day, so you can’t complain *too* loudly. :bw

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