Hunk of the Month

I can’t believe it’s time to vote in a new Hunk of the Month already. Where the heck is all this time going?! :dropmouth

Of course, if we must do something before the end of the month, I suppose staring at naked hotties for a whole day & deciding which one should hang around The Dungeon sidebar all through April is the way to go. :cuffs

Photobucket(Do you think I’m sexy? Well…do you, baby?)

Photobucket(Dolce & Gabana)

Photobucket(Hide & Seek)


(My abs are so tight, I’ve gotta wear shades)


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  1. Jane says:

    I like the Dolce and Gabana guy. :twirl :blowkiss

  2. DebraG says:

    Three votes, three different guys.

  3. Sofia Harper says:

    The Abs so Tight guy… *faints*

  4. carole says:

    I love all your hunks but my favorite is Dolce @ Gabana can he come over to my place anyday! Happy Hump Day! I’m smiling…

  5. Angie M says:

    :jumping Please give me the My Abs are so Tight guy! I’ve been good(or will be)!

  6. Melissa S says:

    Yummy to all! But dude those Abs!

    M :jumping

  7. Sharon says:

    Abs R So Tight! :heart

  8. Donna A says:

    Oh my those abs are lickable.

  9. TamVan says:

    Had to go w/ Dolce & Gabana. Something about him… dark and dangerous. :cuffs

  10. Kathleen O'Donnell says:

    i went witht he tight abs…. :twirl

  11. Jessica Lemmon says:

    Pfft! This one was so easy! Abs Are So Tight :thumbsup

    I had to run back and vote since I missed last month’s vote. As fancy and new-fangled as iPads are, do you know they can’t play FLASH? Which means whenever I wander into the dungeon via my Mac, I CANNOT cast my vote for Hunk of the Month. :curses

    So this time, I voted. And from the looks of it, my guy’s gonna decorate the sidebar. :twirl

  12. Bonia says:

    Ok, I’ll let you have abs are so tight, I don’t really want him, however if the Mistress is feeling generous I will take HIDE and SEEK! PLEASE!!!!

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