Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday! I hope you’re having a wonderful week & will have plenty of good stuff to share with us!

This week, I AM HAPPY that I got to enjoy a lovely Thanksgiving break…which of course I stretched out for several days, not just the two or three official ones.  And, yes, I spent a lot of time working, but I played, too. :reindeer

I AM HAPPY that we got a Starz free preview for Thanksgiving so I could catch a bunch of fun movies.  So far, I’ve watched The Muppets (can’t stop singing that silly “Mah Na Mah Na” of all things :neener ), Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (I didn’t even like the first one, why did I think the sequel would be any better? :steamin ), Jack & Jill (not as funny as I’d expected, but still cute), The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (I liked the serial killer/crime/mystery elements, but if this was the condensed movie version, I can only imagine how slow the book must have been; & was all of that gratuitous sex really necessary? I think not.), & 21 Jump Street (“Fuck you, science!” :reindeer Although the thing that happened in the end with some of the stars from the original TV series—a thousand times no. :ahhh )

I still have a few more to get through, too—on the Torture Cycle, of course.  The Vow, John Carter, The Smurfs

I AM HAPPY that thanks to Black Friday (yes, it was apparently a Black Friday deal rather than a Cyber Monday one, even though I was shopping from home), I landed the Season 7 DVD set of Supernatural for only $9.99. Merry Christmas to me!  :tree   I wasn’t even looking for it, really; had no intention of shopping that day—from home or by actually going outside.  But for some reason, I just happened to flip to Amazon.com & there it was.  Which is the exact same thing that happened last year when I magically found Seasons 1-6 for only $10 each.  I’m telling you, it’s a conspiracy.  A conspiracy to make me the happiest girl on the planet! :orny

Not only that, but after a bit of exploring, I found they were offering $15 off of a cat tree I’d been eyeing & $10 off a treat puzzle toy.  Woot!  Merry Christmas to The Kittehs, too! :xmas

I AM HAPPY that I’ve been getting some really good writing done, too.  I still haven’t told y’all about my Top Sekrit project, but it’s due really, really soon, so I’ve been trying to hustle.  And so far, I’m loving it!  I just can’t wait to share it with all of you & see if you guys love it, too. :sled

All righty—that is all my good stuff for the week.  How about you?  How was your Thanksgiving?  How are those leftovers holding up? :yummy   And what happy news…Thanksgiving-related or not…do you have to share with us?

Now to announce the winner of this week’s Free Book Friday giveaway—511 Things Only Women Understand by Lorraine Bodger…

:prettylights   Hollie!!!  :prettylights

Congratulations, Hollie! :cheers   Please contact me with your full name & mailing information, & I’ll get your book out to you as soon as I can!


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  1. Kathleen O says:

    So happy you have had a great week.. ANd stretching any holiday is always a good thing..

    I have had a quiet week.. Nothing exciting happened.. But nothing bad happened, so that is a bonus..

    Have a good Sunday all and enjoy the coming week.

  2. Ruth A. Chestnut says:

    :letitsnow Congrats to Hollie….. Happy I finished my first full week at a new job. Glad to be working again. Happy to help my daughters friend by giving her kitten a new home with us since she is moving and can’t take Soledad with her. Can’t wait to hear about your sekrit projest. :sled

  3. Hollie says:

    Wooohoooo..Happy Sunday indeed!! :orny. Thank you!
    I’m very happy that I was lucky enough to finally meet our very dear Huggy Bear yesterday! We were at a booksigning at a Barnes and Noble.,And I was ready with my bookmarks so she didn’t have to rough me up at all! :reindeer
    I’m also happy that that we had great weather to go the 4 hours each way (except for the early morning fog). And my 14yo girly and her friend had a somewhat good time :letitsnow

  4. Laura J says:

    Ditto what Hollie said. We’ve only been trying forever to actual meet and it finally worked out! Yay!!!!! Can’t wait to get together again.

    Also, got to see my boyfriend on the big screen again (yes, I said “again”). I LOVE Silver Linings Playbook and if you haven’t seen it yet, you got to go. I’m not just saying that because my boyfriend is in it either, it really is a very good movie.

    Congrats Hollie!!!!

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