Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday!

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful week.  Despite the cold & snow (at least in my area, & where I’m hanging out vicariously in my current Harlequin Desire manuscript, the Pacific Northwest—yeep! :dropmouth ) there really is so much to be grateful for.  Even sometimes just the little things. :blowkiss

I AM HAPPY that I have all of you to hang out with.  And that you all hang out with me.  I love seeing so many comments pile up in response to each day’s blog post, & even seeing y’all chatting back & forth with each other.  Keep up the great work, my Darlings!  (And, um…don’t get caught if you’re doing it when you’re supposed to be doing real work. :oops )

I AM HAPPY, too, with the very sweet note I received this week from Darling Chris S., thanking me for the book I sent her recently after her Free Book Friday win.  You won it fair & square, my Darling, so there’s no reason to thank me…but I was delighted by your thoughtfulness nonetheless.  It was a lovely note on a lovely note card.  (Pitty-pat prints & a disappearing kitty tail.  How did she know I adore cats? I wonder. :winkwink )  Thank you for the nice surprise, & you’re very welcome for the book & keeping The Dungeon filled with naughty fun. :whip

I AM HAPPY that, quite by accident, I discovered the entire series of The Commish is now available on DVD!  Does everybody remember this show?  I used to love it!  Always wondered why it didn’t come back in repeats, frankly.  (Are you listening Cloo?!! :Huh )  Then they released the first couple of seasons on DVD, but stopped :curses & I have always hoped they’d come out with the rest.  Now they have.  Well, for the most part.  The packaging isn’t great, & from some of the customer reviews I’ve read, it seems they’ve done a bit of editing here & there that I probably won’t be thrilled about, but what can you do?  At this point, I’ll take what I can get.

Now if they could just manage to come out with the rest of the seasons of Diagnosis Murder. :angry

I AM HAPPY that I finally got some items packed up & ready to mail that have been sitting on my counter for at least a month now. :oops   A couple of Darlings—this means you. :winkwink   So if you’ve been waiting for &/or expecting something from me, it may actually arrive soon!

And last but not least, I AM HAPPY (very, very happy, actually :jumping ) about something I exciting I just found out about last week.  I’ll be sharing that with you tomorrow, though, so I won’t go into details right now.  I will give you a hint, though:  It has to do with the February issue of Allure magazine.  And, no, I’m not on the cover…that’s the March issue! :rolf

So what about you guys?  Even if you’re wrapped in a Snuggie, just trying to stay warm, I know there are at least a dozen blessings you’re probably thankful for, & this is the place to share them! :blowkiss

We have so many great prizes to give away this week!

#1 — A copy of Joan Swan’s upcoming debut release, Fever (paperback or e-book, winner’s choice) from her guest blog on Tuesday…

:twirl Hollie!!! :twirl

Congratulations, Hollie! :thumbsup   Please contact me with your full name & mailing information, & I will forward it to Joan so she can get your book to you.  Oh—be sure to let me know whether you’d like your copy of Fever in paperback or e-book, too!

#2 — Three fabulous 6 Packs/9 Lives 2012 calendars from FoundAnimals.org


From WIPs and Chains

:twirl Anne!!! :twirl

From Twitter

:twirl   Raquel Vega-Grieder!!! :twirl

From the “Fans of Heidi Betts” Facebook page

:twirl Emily W!!! :twirl

Congratulations, ladies! :thumbsup   Please contact me with your full names (if necessary) & mailing information, & I’ll get your sweet & sexy calendars out to you as soon as I can!

And to everyone who entered, but didn’t win, please remember that you can still buy one of these wonderful calendars for yourself—& your friends!—at FoundAnimals.org!  They are only $7.99 (with free S&H) & 100% of that goes to help homeless kitties!

#3 — This week’s Free Book Friday title, Blazing Bedtime Stories, Volume 3

:twirl Michelle Tack!!! :twirl

Congratulations, Michelle! :thumbsup   Please contact me with your mailing information, & I’ll get your book out to you as soon as I can!


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  1. Tammy Beck says:

    :twirl Congrats to all the lucky ladies who won!
    I am thankful for all the great people of my community whom donated things to my ex-sister-in-law, neice, and nephew after they lost heir home due to a house fire on December 29. It’s sad it takes tragedy sometimes to discover there are really good people willing to help. I feel truely blessed noone was hurt and for all those whom helped. :jumping

    • Heidi says:

      I’m so sorry to hear about the fire…that has to be absolutely terrifying & so difficult to recover from. But you’re right, there are wonderful people out there who step forward & really help in our time of need. And thank goodness no one was hurt!

  2. Tammy Beck says:

    :twirl Congrats to all the lucky ladies who won!
    I am thankful for all the great people of my community whom donated things to my ex-sister-in-law, neice, and nephew after they lost heir home due to a house fire on December 29. It’s sad it takes tragedy sometimes to discover there are really good people willing to help. I feel truely blessed noone was hurt and for all those whom helped. :jumping
    Have a good week everyone!

  3. Hollie says:

    :jumping :jumping

    Happy Sunday!!
    Thank You!!!! Great way to start the week!!! or finish the week..depending on your point of view!! :heart

    Today I am very Happy that I have such great family and friends!
    I am also happy to be back on track with the healthy eating that I started on January 1st…even if I did indulge in a bit of DQ’s Moolatte that my son made for me…with extra caramel…and I reallly reallly couldn’t hurt his feelings when he handed it to me after he got off of work!! Could I??? Nope..sure couldn’t!! :winkwink

    I’ll send you my info shortly.
    Hugs everyone!!

  4. Tina B says:

    Congrats, ladies!!! I am happy that I live in sunny FL! I am happy that I discovered Being Human. I am happy that Once Upon A Time is on tonight! Have a great week! :winkwink

    • Heidi says:

      I watch Being Human, but don’t really love it. I’m curious enough to watch eps when they first air, then never again. Which is a shame, because I really wanted to *love* it.

      But Once Upon a Time is fabulous! And I love Grimm! (They’re not really all that similar, but started running at the same time, so they’re kind of linked in my mind. LOL)

  5. Mary Kirkland says:

    Congrats to all the winners!

    I love the Commish…that was a great show.

    I am happy that my apartment didn’t receive any damage yesterday when those high winds came through. It was fun watching the tree’s bend waaaay over and then spring back up all day though…

    I am happy that I just realized I had extra ink cartridges for my printer so I don’t have to bu anymore right now…lol it’s always nice to find the unexpected in a drawer.

    • Heidi says:

      Boy the wind has been bad, hasn’t it? A couple times, I heard something rattling on my roof & thought, Uh-oh. I should probably have somebody climb up there & make sure everything’s all right. :oops

      Yay on finding an extra ink cartridge. I always try to have at least one extra on hand, just in case, but don’t do what I do—buy a bunch, then have the damn printer die on you! I’ve got a broken printer sitting here with 3 boxes of unopened ink cartridges on it, cuz I over-bought. :curses Keep telling myself I’m going to get the printer repaired or sell/return the cartridges, but I’ll probably end up just recycling everything. :angry

  6. Kathleen O says:

    :blowkiss Congrats to all those lucky winners…
    I am happy because one of my nieces is coming to have dinner for with me.. We will watch the football games and have a great time… The best times in my life are spending time with those I love… :jumping :kitty

  7. Tammy Beck says:

    Thanks! It has been difficult but things are looking better everyday!

  8. Colleen C. says:

    Congrats to all of the winners! Enjoy all! :thumbsup

  9. Bonia says:

    Congrats to the winners!

    It’s been a very eventful day for us here. 60 degree weather, now it’s snowing lol.

    Our skating rink is closing after being open 24 years by the same owner. She’s retiring, I’m saddened 🙁 I took the boys skating today. It was bittersweet.

  10. Laura J. says:

    oh YAY!!! :blowkiss You are finally mailing me Bradley!!!! You are the BEST!!!


    I would just like to ask everyone, if you happen to see me with a lightbulb over my head and it’s lit up like Times Square on New Year’s Eve….please, please, PLEASE unplug it!!!!!

    I’ve spent the last 4 days cleaning and organizing the office/craft room. Now that was on my list of to-dos, but it wouldn’t have taken 4 days if I hadn’t had the bright idea that while I was cleaning to PAINT the room too. But it’s done now and it looks awesome and that means there are only 2 more rooms in this house to paint. (We painted earlier in the week too).

    Good news besides my pretty office/craft area where I can now see my desk….

    B’girl had a great meet for gymnastics and I was so proud of her. We had planned to come home that same night but nasty weather (snow, sleet, freezing rain) meant a hotel room at the last minute! YAY for Priceline!!

    My middle son was on the Homecoming Court last night. He looked so handsome and we were so proud of him. We’ve worried about how he is doing socially (he’s a hermit) so to see him get selected and recognized was just awesome! He went to the dance afterwards and wanted to get picked up early so hubby went and then ended up waiting for another 45 minutes while the hermit danced a few more dances.

    We are expecting bad weather tonight, so I will probably get to enjoy my newly painted basement/family room later tonight!! (Look at me staying positive!!)

  11. ChrisS says:

    There were many notable things this week that made me happy, including stopping by The Dungeon and reading that you got my ty card. Awww.. you made my day… again. Thank you! :blowkiss

    Another biggy was getting to spend quality time with my mom & dad this past week. To make a long story short my mom took a bad fall acouple months ago. A blessing in disquise as it led to the diagnosis of a life threatening condition. I count my blessings for every moment I get to spend with my mom and am very happy to report she is doing better than ever.

    I am also very happy the recent snow storm chose to visit us over the weekend when my husband and kids were home to help shovel. :thumbsup

    I look forward to my visits to The Dungeon to see what interesting or fun things you have cooking up. Thank you for that.

    :jumping :jumping :jumping :jumping :jumping :jumping

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