happy Sunday

You can probably guess that at least one of the things I’m grateful for this week is that I have my computer back! :dancing

Of course, since hooking it up again was a completely pain & I’ve now spend about three days straight playing catch-up, I’m not sure that news is entirely dance-worthy. :sadheart

But still, there is catching up to do…& the more I get done, the less I have left to do.  So let’s get to it!

(Even though I’m getting straight to the prize announcements this week, be sure to post your Happy Sunday happies & gratefuls, anyway!  We want to know what great stuff has been happening in your lives this week! :brava )



First, the winner of our “Fun Little Guessing Game” post, which asked you to take a stab at guessing what my recent Top Secret Project connected to the release of my October Brava, MUST LOVE VAMPIRES, might be.  And because her guess of “a free story that will coincide with the October 2011 release” came closest to The Big Reveal (which is coming soon, I promise)…

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:dancing   Leni!!! :dancing


Next, the winner of our Free Book Friday giveaway from last week, February 25th, (that would be The Return by Sharon Sala)…

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:dancing   SiNn!!! :dancing


And finally, the winner of this week’s Free Book Friday giveaway, Bound to Please by Lilli Feisty…

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:dancing   Deanna!!! :dancing

:congrats  Congratulations, ladies!  Please contact me with your full names & mailing information, & I’ll get your prizes out to you as soon as I can!  (Lots of catching up to do there, too. :ouch )


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  1. Laura J. says:

    Congrats to the winners!! :brava

    It’s been a good week for me and even bittersweet too. I took my oldest son to visit his soon to be home away from home. :crazy We go back in June to register for classes at ISU (which by the way could be go to the big dance!!!!! Go Sycamores!!!) I’m really excited about the program he is taking, but wondering when he crashes a $30,000 unmanned plane–who pays for it?!? :cry

    Came home the next day from our trip and he gives a box with his cap and gown and graduation announcements. :whhhat

    Last night we came home with a new baby! We now have 4 rats. She is a beautiful dumbo rat with soft black fur. She thinks she is a ninja too. Currently her name is Farren (which means adventurous and she is. Took me 5 minutes to catch her when she escaped on my desk.) but I’m not liking it for her. Just doesn’t suit her so I’m back at square one on the name. B’girl wasn’t with us when we got her and the look on her face when we came in with her was priceless. Now, if “Farren” to sit still long enough to get a picture….

    And finally….HEIDI’S BACK!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh how we have missed you. But I am happy to report everyone behaved in a Dungeon worthy way.

    • Heidi says:

      How cool! Great news all around, Laura— :congrats

      And I’m glad to hear you kept everyone in line while I was away. It’s not easy being the Mistress-in-Charge of such a rockin’ Dungeon, is it? :devil

      • Laura J. says:

        Well there was one little incident, But it was Hollie’s fault!! :beerlaugh

        Also, “Farren” now has a real name. We (we because B’girl made the suggestion to name her after a Greek Goddess) have named her Phoebe. It suits her much better than Farren. Icis was a close second and I like Rumor also (she was apparently very swift–much like our new baby). We are keeping those names for later additions.

        • Heidi says:

          I like the name Phoebe. Of course, my brain doesn’t go to Greek goddesses when I hear it, it goes to Friends. :beerlaugh

          And I’m sorry, but I think this has to be done—Laura, you are officially a Rat Lady. Welcome to the “crazy” club. :ouch

  2. Hollie says:

    YaY!! Our Mistress is back!!
    Congrats to the Winners! :brava
    Not sure if I have anything good to report or not…hmmmm…
    I got to wear my H.Potter sweater that I made this week…..
    Our school is starting a free breakfast program for all of our students this week…which means more hours for me…in by 6 am now..so more hours ..more $ in the paycheck..so More BOOKS!!
    so thats a Yay…
    and My girly got invited to join the jr. national honor society.
    and looking back it really was a Good week!! :Bigthumbs

    • Heidi says:

      LOL I am so with you on that teeter-totter of “more work = more pay”… but it’s still “more work.” :angeldevil :beerlaugh But :congrats anyway.

      And why do you think I hold these Happy Sunday gratitude fests? It’s so we’re forced to look back & find the good stuff that happened, even on weeks we thought things were pretty crappy. Gotta count our blessings every day…& small stuff totally counts! :biggrin

      • Hollie says:

        You are so right! Even the crappiest of week have a little sunshine in them!!

        and it sooooo wasnt my fault Miss cant keep your hands off Dwayne!! :tpspspspt

  3. Deanna says:

    Yeah! Thank you! I’m sending you my info :Bigthumbs

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