Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday, my Darlings!  How are you doing only a week & a half before Christmas?

This week, I AM HAPPY that I got the Art Fact Sheets filled out & turned in for Top Shhecret Project #1.  I still can’t talk about it—sorry! :smiley75 —but that sort of thing always stumps me a bit & takes me forever to complete, so having at least one (of three) out of the way is a big plus! :smiley77

I AM HAPPY that I’ve gotten all of my Christmas shopping & holiday errands done well ahead of time, including packages & cards in the mail.  Granted, I don’t do as much as most people; my policy is to keep things simple & cut as many corners as possible. :smiley73  But still, for what I tend to do each year, I am more caught up than usual.

I AM HAPPY that it turns out another of The Kittehs—Mr. Tigger—loves the heated bed I ordered for Miss Precious the week before she died.  She was so thin & frail that she had a hard time maintaining her body heat, & I wanted her to have something really warm to sleep on this winter.  Well, it arrived a couple of days after I lost her, & I couldn’t even bring myself to open the box; it was too painful a reminder, & I didn’t quite know what I was going to do with it now that she was no longer around.  But eventually, I did open the box & set up the new bed, just to see what The Kittehs would do.  Next thing you know, Tigger is curled up sound asleep on it & he’s barely left it since. :smiley62   I’m so glad—not only that it’s being used, but that he loves it so very much!

Last, but definitely, definitely not least, I AM HAPPY with the adorable gifties the wonderful Darling Hollie sent me for my birthday!    Yes, I’m a bit late in conveying my appreciation, but in case you hadn’t noticed, it’s been kind of a rough, busy month.  Plus, I’m terrible about taking pictures & then getting them sent to the computer so I can add them to posts. :smiley79

 photo 100_1595copy_zps4f592a2a.jpg

My tardiness aside, she sent me the most adorable skull & crossbones hand towel—which she topped & decorated herself, I’m certain!—& a matching pair of toe socks.  Clearly, she knows my tastes quite well…I am all about Halloweeny stuff, & during the winter months I live in toe socks! :smiley60

Thank you, Darling Hollie, from the top of my skull to the tips of my toasty-warm toes. :smiley33

So how about you?  What great stuff has been going on with you this week?  Do you have any news to share, or simply a few things you want to mention that you’re thankful for?  Whatever it is making you happy, we want to hear! :smiley57



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  1. Amary Chapman says:

    That my fav authors continue to have inspiration

  2. Mary Kirkland says:

    I’m so glad that Tigger likes the heated bed. I can imagine that cats would love something like that.

    I am happy that I finally got over the cold that I had.

    • Heidi says:

      I’m so glad you’re feeling better! Cold are so miserable. :smiley66

      To be honest, I wish the heated bed got just a little bit warmer…but I know why the temp is set low. It could really cause problems if it were too high. And it has warnings all over about not using it in an enclosed space where the pet can’t get away from it. Can you imagine?! You could kill an animal that way! :smiley63

      But my kiddos all love it when I turn the heat on in the winter. They’re constantly sleeping on the radiators for extra warmth. :smiley62

  3. Hollie says:

    I am Happy this week because it is the LAST week of school before our Christmas break!! WooHooo…I’ve lived through the first 4 months!! A Christmas miracle for sure! :smiley62

    I’m also glad that you liked the giftees! You are one of my most special friends and it is just a small token of my loves for you…and Mistress Heidi! :smiley88

    Merry Merry everyone!! :smiley44

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