Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday!  How’s it going this week?

Well, this week, the first & most important thing I AM HAPPY about is that I’ve finished Top Secret Project #2!  It’s not turned in yet, & I’m still working on the proofing/polishing part of the process, but the writing-writing is done. :may14

I’m very excited about this one; I just love the hero & heroine, the great sexual tension between them, the story itself…  And I AM HAPPY that my editor for the project is being so sweet & patient with me.  You wouldn’t think it would take so long to complete something that’s such a short length, but by God this one sure has! :may24

I AM HAPPY, too, that The Kittehs got a brand new cat tree to enjoy on the back porch.  A few weeks ago, I moved things around & they’ve been without for a while.  But I found a great new one I knew they’d love & bought it immediately…I just didn’t have a way to get it home. :may4

Which leads me to…

I AM  HAPPY that I have a couple of wonderful friends who were willing to use their truck to pick up the cat tree for me.  If they hadn’t been, I don’t know what I would have done!  Strap it to my back & drag it home, maybe.  Or take it apart so it would fit inside the car in pieces. :may33

And finally, I AM HAPPY the The Kittehs do, in fact, loooooove their new cat tree!  It didn’t take them five minutes to discover it & now they’re all basking & playing & battling over the perches.  It also fits just about perfectly where I wanted it.  Maybe a bit of a tight squeeze, but it’ll do, pig, it’ll do.  Yay! :may35

Your turn. :may8

What are you happy about or thankful for this week that you’d like the share with the rest of The Darlings? :may9


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  1. Laura J. says:

    I bet the cats love that cat tree!!!!

    Well I’m happy that you will soon be sharing these “top sekrit” projects with us. (hint, hint)

    My oldest son is entering week 3 of 8 for CG basic training. I know it’s tough for him (yeah, yeah…kid trying being a mom or fiance’ at home wondering what you are doing) but it’s something he has wanted for a very long time. Since he was 2. :may1

    Working on above son’s wedding stuff is fun! I’m doing the flowers for the bride and the boutonnieres for the guys. The bridesmaids are carrying lanterns in the shape of lighthouses (for the CG of course). I really like my future daughter in law. And Heidi you would too…she has 3 kitties so I’ll be a grandma to furbabies Pearl, Dessie and Bear until the human kind come along (but not for a few years).

    My two younger ones are out for the summer!!!! No school until the end of July (yeah…you read that right. We are on a balanced school year–but we love it!). B’girl-straight A’s again (she and one other girl who happens to be her best friend were the only 2). My middle boy had perfect attendance and I’ve seen him make great strides this year for school. He’ll be a senior next year and fyi—I will be really emotional about this one. He had a lot of problems when he was born and I can’t believe we are to this point now.

    The big one is: Hollie is going to kidnap me so we can hang out in her pool all summer!!!

    • Heidi says:

      You sound crazy-busy! But all good stuff, so that’s…good. Congrats to all! :may14

      Oh, The Kittehs loooooove their new cat tree. It’s super-tall, so they can get up to play with the wind chimes I have hanging & also see out the very top of the screen door. :may35

      And soon, I hope, on the Super Secret Projects… :may19

  2. Ruth says:

    :may14 Happy the house is almost finished. I decided to add a hot tub to my backyard, so planning where and what kind of enclosure to use are going to be soo much fun. Think of the parties I can have. :may18 :may18 :may18 :may32

    • Heidi says:

      Well, that’s a nice addition! :may3 Enjoy!

      • Celmi says:

        Aren’t kittens fun to watch – they can be SO pyfalul!Yes – Local is no good unless people are actually adding things. Right now, we have a bunch of educational type events being added to ours, so I’m guessing it is a library or school person who is adding them. :)Thanks for stopping by and participating in Thingers last week! I’ve got the up for this week. ~ Wendi

  3. Mary Kirkland says:

    Sounds like the kittehs love the tree, that’s always good when they pets love the things you get for them. I bought new beds for my boys and they seem to love the beds which is good.


    • Heidi says:

      I saw those new beds you got for your ratties. Love them! They look so soft & warm, I think even The Kittehs would enjoy them…tho they might have to squish to fit. :may223

      I just love finding new stuff for the babies, don’t you? If they’re happy, I’m happy! :mat27

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