Happy President’s Day



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  1. Bonia says:

    Happy Presidents Day, although I”m not sure why we celebrate it. Maybe so the government can have another vacation day. Or schools another day out.
    Speaking of school’s, I found out last week that the teacher that introduced me to my love of reading my freshman year of high school passed away last week after her 3rd bout of cancer 🙁 It truly was a sad day. She taught me to find what I enjoyed reading and read it in between what I HAD to read and didn’t like. When I told her that I enjoyed the romance/erotica she told me that was one of her favorites too. When I was a senior she even told me some of her favorite books. I have read those and loved them!
    Tomorrow is her funeral and I will be going!
    Anyway, if you all could say a prayer for her family I would appreciate it. She was an amazing woman!

    • Heidi says:

      LOL I think we celebrate President’s Day because…as the funny above says…we actually did have some along the way that weren’t douchebags. :sick

      I’m so sorry to hear about your high school teacher. Such a shame when good people pass away, esp. good teachers. I had a few who helped to shape me in a really positive way, too, & would be sad if I heard anything happened to them. Just remember that she *did* instill a love of reading in you, & every time you enjoy a book, you can think of her & be grateful for that. Her family will love to hear about the positive impact she had on you, too, believe me! :blowkiss

      • Bonia says:

        Thanks for your kind words, today was her funeral and our biggest catholic church was PACKED. I apprently am not the only one whose life she touched. For that I am grateful!

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