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Editor C:  “It’s time to start working on the cover for PROJECT: RUNAWAY BRIDE.  Do you think you could fill out the Art Fact Sheet by next week?”

Me:  “Sure!”

Rush to eHERS, Harlequin’s online database where authors fill out their Art Fact Sheets & keep other bits of information up-to-date.

Start filling out the AFS for PROJECT: RUNAWAY BRIDE.  The character descriptions are easy…  I used Clive own as inspiration for the hero, Reid McCormack, & Kate Hudson as inspiration for the heroine, Juliet Zaccaro.

Next, come up with three scene ideas from the book that would look good on the cover.

Okay, Number 1…  Well, a runaway bride would be good.  Heroine in a wedding dress, looking like she’s fleeing, but maybe being tugged back by our sexy, tuxedo-clad hero.  Mmm-mm.

Number 2… Well, there is a kind of romantic scene in front of the fireplace in the hero’s study.  I don’t love that idea as much as the runaway bride one, but okay.

Number 3…  Hmm.  *think, think, think*  Okay, well, a fairly significant part of the story takes place at the heroine’s family lake house.  But I don’t particularly want to see a cabin in the woods on the cover.  That’s more of a Special Edition sort of thing, don’t you think?

Number 3…

Number 3…

I continue to wrack my brain, but without much luck.  Then I had a new filling put in, & despite the dentist’s claims that “we’ve really come a long way in pain medications,” the agony struck almost the minute I walked out of his office.  Not only did that tooth hurt, but both my top & bottom jaw all along that side throbbed for a good week, & it moved up into my brain to include what I’ve not-so-lovingly dubbed a “dental headache.”

Three or four days after the dental work, I realized I haven’t yet completed the Art Fact Sheet that was due…oh, shit!…:kittyquestion yesterday.

So I e-mailed Editor C…

Me:  “Oh, dear, I’ve dropped the ball.”  Short explanation of dental agony & mush-for-brains that apparently accompanied my new filling.  “I filled out all of the major stuff, but only did one or two scene ideas because I honestly couldn’t think of another really good one for the cover.”

Editor C:  “That’s okay, I think we’ve got enough.”

A week or two passes before I talk to Editor C again & ask about the cover art.

Editor C:  “Oh, yeah, we had our meeting about that last week.  Basically, she’s going to be in a wedding gown kind of looking like she’s running away, but with the hero grabbing her in some sort of embrace.”

Me:  “That’s exactly what I suggested!  I couldn’t even think of better ideas because the story is called RUNAWAY BRIDE, after all.”

Editor C:  Chuckle.  “Yeah, that’s pretty much how it went.  I said, ‘Two words: Runaway Bride’ & the art department is going with it.”

So now we just have to wait & see how the final cover turns out.  But seriously, with a title like that—easiest. artwork decision. ever. :laughing


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  1. Mary Kirkland says:

    I can draw about as good as that guy in the picture. lol
    Looking forward to seeing the cover and reading the book.


  2. Kathleen O says:

    God gave me other talents.. Artistic talent passed me by :snickerdog … I can draw a few things, but like the above, stick figures are more my style..

  3. Heidi says:

    Isn’t that funny? :snickerdog That’s about how any portrait I tried to paint would turn out, too.

  4. Hollie says:

    Now I’m anxiously waiting to see the cover AND read the book!! :hugpuppy

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