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Last week, I mentioned seeing a podiatrist for the ongoing bout of plantar fasciitis I’ve been limping around with. (See, “it’s not a limp, it’s swagger”)

In case you’re wondering how it went, allow me to sum up the appointment with a series of humorous gifs & memes. ?


When you go to the doctor for a sore heel, thinking she’ll prescribe a shoe insert or special exercises, but she tells you she’s going to give you a shot in the bottom of your foot instead…

So while she’s out of the exam room, preparing the injection, you have a minor breakdown…

But by the time she returns, you’ve gotten your shit together & are determined to white-knuckle your way through without letting her know how truly freaked out you are…or how much it freaking HURTS!!!


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  1. Hollie says:

    So sorry you’re going through this! Did the injection help?

    • Heidi says:

      That GIF of Al Bunny is pretty much how I looked when the dr. told me she’d be sticking a needle in the bottom of my foot. And I’m *so* sensitive about my feet. :scream:

      But I survived, & I do think it’s helping. Not 100%, but sometimes it’s much better, so I have hope. Should I mention I may need up to 3 shots/year? :crying:

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