I was up late writing last night! :img16

Like, 4am late.

But it was going really, really well, which is why I didn’t notice how late it was getting. :img14

When I started to get punchy & found a spot I could quit without forgetting what I wanted to have happen next, I decided to go to bed.  (Duh.)  But deciding to go to bed & actually being able to go to bed are two entirely different things here at Casa del Heidi. :img36

I put my laptop away & walked in to find my bed…shall we say…occupied.  Although “covered with cats” would be a better description.

Harley & Nicholas were curled together like Yin & Yang pretty much dead center.  Then Simon was closer to the upper left corner & Tigger was in the right upper corner.  Which pretty much left only about three feet of space at the very foot of the bed.  And should I mention that Pekoe was sound asleep in my chair, which is usually my secondary sleep option when The Kittehs have called dibs on the big bed? :img22

With very few options left, & not too keen to actually sleep on the floor, I did what I had to do.  Like a good Cat Lady, I grabbed a blanket & spare pillow & squeezed into a ball at the bottom of the bed.  As Vanellope von Schweetz (Wreck-It Ralph) would say, “…like a little homeless lady.”

And I slept that way—fairly well, amazingly enough.  At some point, I even felt Pekoe walk over me & snuggle up against my butt.  That meant the chair was finally empty, but I was too darn tired to get up & move.

Around 8:30am, The Kittehs woke me for breakfast, so I got up & stumbled my way downstairs to feed them.  Then I stumbled my way back upstairs & found my bed gloriously empty!  Huzzah! :img5

So of course not being an idiot, I quickly crawled under the covers & made myself comfortable in the center of my very own mattress & went back to sleep.  Yes, when I woke up again later in the morning, I had another kitteh pressed against my back, but at least this time he had to work around me & not the other way around. :img17

Picture a couple of cats instead of a dog, & this could be a snapshot from my life. *sigh*