don’t blame me, it’s the other guy’s fault

The second half of my interview at our own Darling Jessica‘s Sm:)leFeelGood blog is up today, & I’m over there again chatting about my brand new back-to-back vampire romance releases (MUST LOVE VAMPIRES & THE BITE BEFORE CHRISTMAS, in case you didn’t know *g*).  We’ll also be giving away an autographed copy of one of those books to some lucky Sm:)leFeelGood visitor. :chip


By now, I’m sure you’ve all picked up a copy of MUST LOVE VAMPIRES!  I know this, because my vampire senses tell me so. :vamp

Remember, too, that the sooner you read MUST LOVE VAMPIRES, the better prepared you’ll be for the fang-tastic duo of giveaways I have planned for later this month (or early next)! :dancingbat

You will also be better prepared to read the exclusive epilogue I wrote for the story…which you do not want to read until after you’ve had the full Charlotte & Sebastian/Chloe and Aidan experience. :dancer

But once you do, be sure to download a copy of ONE LAST BITE (an epilogue to Must Love Vampires)!

In ONE LAST BITE (an epilogue to Must Love Vampires), I offer you the tantalizing happily-ever-after finale to my sexy, funny vampires-in-Vegas duo.

(***SPOILER ALERT*** Do not read this epilogue until you’ve read MUST LOVE VAMPIRES. Unless you don’t mind ruining your appetite by eating dessert first. *g* :drinkonme )

So here’s the deal:

I am offering this epilogue absolutely FREE (almost – see note below) to my wonderful readers!  You can get it from:

Barnes & Noble (for NOOK)

Smashwords (other)


Amazon (for Kindle)

But here’s where the “don’t blame me, it’s the other guy’s fault” part comes in…

There’s a tiny hitch when it comes to the Amazon link.  As you will see if you go there, Amazon is charging 99 cents for this download.  That’s because they’re throwing another of their classic little hissy fits, refusing to allow anyone other than large publishers to offer Free Downloads. :face   So the only way to get ONE LAST BITE (an epilogue to Must Love Vampires) up on Amazon at all—which I desperately wanted to do!—was to let them charge a minimal fee.

That means that if you go to Amazon & download ONE LAST BITE (an epilogue to Must Love Vampires) directly to your Kindle, you are gonna have to pay.  Yeah, it’s not much, & it may even be worth it *g*, but if you want a copy of this epilogue for FREE, then be sure to go over to Smashwords instead & download it to your Kindle from there.

Whew.  Talk about a disclaimer.  But as I said, it’s not my fault; if you want to blame somebody, blame Amazon. :littlevamp

And now you have been warned, so my work here is done. :jack


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  1. Jessica Lemmon says:

    I haz it on my new iPad! Squee! Have yet to read it, darn my pesky to-do list! :face

    Heidi’s still over at my blog today, y’all! So if you missed your chance to enter the giveaway yesterday, swoop on over today! :batmoon

    • Heidi says:

      Oh, yes, I forgot you were breaking the interview up into two parts! *scramble-scramble*

      There! Made a notation at the top of the page. Now everybody scramble to run over & keep me company. :play

  2. Mary Kirkland says:

    I’m loving the interview 🙂

    It’s kinda nuts that Amazon will only let big publishers give away downloads for free.

    • Heidi says:

      Thanks, Mary! Jessica always comes up with fun questions to ask. :fangsmiley

      Amazon likes to keep its fingers in everybody’s pie & make people jump thru their hoops. Sadly, we sometimes have to. But I agree that it’s kind of silly…not like they aren’t making oodles of money on Kindle downloads, regardless of how many freebies there are floating around. :vampire

  3. Jessica Lemmon says:

    Also… The Veggie Vampire? Mwahahahahaaaa! Love it!!!! :cape

  4. Laura J. says:

    I loved the interview!! (I know I should have posted over there, but I was in a hurry to get back over here because I really NEEDED to see the sidebar here and yesterday’s hunky hunk.)

    • Heidi says:

      Are you having a rough week, Laura? Well, you can always run back over & leave a comment once you’ve gotten an eyeful of our gorgeous Dungeon hunks. :fangsmiley

      • Laura J. says:

        Rough week. Think we really need to have a whole week of hotties to make me feel better. Maybe two weeks, to be sure I get over this. :uhoh

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