one day you’re out, the next day you’re in again

How’s that for turning Heidi Klum’s well-known Project Runway line on its head? :happysun

So there have been some interesting & exciting developments recently.  Last week, I shared my idea for a new trilogy for Harlequin Desire, set in the the world of high fashion.  I called it “Project:  Passion” to give it that Project Runway feel.  (Duh. :howyoudoin )

As mentioned, I’d just spoken to Editor C about what my next Desire project should be.  And while “Project:  Passion” didn’t come up at the time, I thought it had some merit, so I worked on it over the weekend, wrote up a quick one-page pitch, & e-mailed it to Editor C with a little note that said, “Um…I know this is completely different than the ideas we discussed, but whatcha think?”

His quick reply was, “You like this idea better than the one we discussed & want to work on it instead?”  I said, “I like this one, but I like the other one, too.  I can go either way—it’s totally up to you.”  He said, “N’kay. I’ll be in touch.”

PhotobucketTwo days later, I was just sitting down to check e-mail when the phone rang.  So almost simultaneously, I read a note from Editor C saying, “We love this idea & want to go with it” while in my ear, Agent Extraordinaire is saying, “I just got a call from Editor C—they made an offer on your ‘Project:  Passion’ trilogy.”

So here’s where I hurt myself a little bit, bending around to pat myself on the back… :cool

When I spoke to Editor C about what I should work on next, he informed me that he’d finished reading SECRETS, LIES & LULLABIES & was about to start the line edits.  That’s pretty much the official acceptance of a manuscript…if they weren’t going to accept it, I’d have gotten a big, fat, “We have a problem…” :patrick2   But since they didn’t have a problem, that meant my last contract with Harlequin Desire had been fulfilled.

Came up with the “Project:  Passion” idea over the weekend, pitched it on Monday, Photobucket& by Wednesday I had a new contract offer.  That’s only four whole days of being without a contract.  Two if we’re talking “business days.”  And let’s, shall we?  Technically two whole business days between contracts.

Of course, now that all is said & done, I’m banging my head against the wall just a little bit, because I got caught up in the wave of my own brilliance & left absolutely zero down time for myself.  And I really need down time between books. :slamdesk

But there you have it—a brand new sale & new Harlequin Desires from Moi on the horizon. :cheer

There are still a few details to iron out, but I’ll fill you in on those as I get them.


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  1. Donna says:

    Go you! Lucky us. :cheer

  2. Addison Fox says:

    Awesome news!!! This sounds like a fantastic series!!!


    • Heidi says:

      Thanks, Addison! Not sure it will become quite as popular as Project Runway the TV show, but I still think I’m going to have fun with it. :bubble

  3. Kathleen O says:

    Wonderful, Wonderful news… :thumbsup BIG CONGRATS…

  4. Terri Brisbin says:

    Such terrible problems to have as a writer!! No, really, two days without a contract!?!?

    Huzzah to you on this new deal — it will cement your reign as Queen of the Universe!

    Terri B

    • Heidi says:

      :lolol Hahahahahaha! Yes, it’s true…today Desire, tomorrow the world! :eeee

      Know what keeps going thru my head, tho? I didn’t even get a nap between books! I really needed a nap. :Cukoo

  5. Bobbi says:

    yay, Heidi! :o) xoxo

  6. Debbi S says:

    Congrats Heidi!! I can’t wait to read them.

  7. Tammy Beck says:

    Oh Wow! That’s great news. Congrats! :cheer

  8. Heidi says:

    Thanks so much, guys! I hope to fill you in on more details of the story as I go along, but right now I’m just trying to get my ducks in a row. lol

  9. DebraG says:

    Great :cheer :thumbsup :chickendance News!!

  10. Laura J. says:

    Heidi, my reading list is a little slim July, August and September. Think you can get them done by then?!?! :thumbsup

    J/K I think this is AWESOME and can’t wait to read them. I’m not surprised. I have always loved your writing and I’m glad to see you getting more recognition and getting on those bestseller lists. And of course, it benefits me with you getting on those lists because you get more contracts and I get more books. Win/Win!

    • Heidi says:

      LOL Well, aren’t you just a glass-spilling-over gal today. :angel

      Summer might be a little early for these particular books, but it sounds like they want to put them out asap, so they probably will show up sooner rather than later.

      And I like your train of thought…keep it up. :howyoudoin

    • Heidi says:

      Hey—I just realized SECRETS, LIES & LULLABIES will be out in November! :cheer That’s not “summer” but it’s definitely earlier than this trilogy will be ready. :cool

  11. Jessica Lemmon says:

    Fantazmagoric! Good job, ladybug! :cheer

  12. Ruth Chestnut says:

    :cheer :cheer :cheer Congrats Heidi. We all knew you had a great idea there when you first mentioned it. Glad Editor C realized that. :patrick3

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