Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday! How’s everybody doing this week?

I AM HAPPY that Madame Mommy Dearest is starting to feel better.  She’s been super sick all week, but finally seems to be on the mend.  Of course, she wouldn’t do a darn thing I told her to until after the doctor suggested it, so I got to serve up a big, heaping plate of I Told You So! :evilmonkey

I AM HAPPY, too, that—so far, knock on wood, & please, God!–I don’t seem to have picked up whatever she caught.  She was near me the days the doctor says she was probably most contagious, but I maybe owe one to the bone-melting, don’t-touch-me heatwave.  It’s possible we didn’t actually get close enough for the germs to jump ship & climb on board me. :nowait

I AM HAPPY that I discovered a brand new cat treat that’s supposed to help keep pets’ teeth cleaner—Virbac C.E.T. Oral Hygiene Chews for Cats.  (Fish & Poultry Flavors.)  They’re uber-expensive, but The Kittehs love them!  First, they love playing with them…the round shape makes them perfect for rolling & batting around…then they finally start gnawing & gobble them right up.  Yay! :cheer   Their teeth are pretty much the only thing I worry about when it comes to The Kittehs‘ health, because—as much as I love them—I am not going to attempt to actually brush their teeth every day.  I kind of like the idea of my skin staying on my body, thankyouverymuch.

And I AM HAPPY that I got a sneak peek of the cover for SECRETS, LIES & LULLABIES this week.  I didn’t get a copy to share & wouldn’t be allowed to yet, anyway, but trust me when I tell you it’s gorgeous & adorable & you’re going to love it! :patrick

How about you?  What great stuff is going on in your lives this week?

Now to announce the winner of Friday’s Free Book Friday giveaway—the Beyond the Dark anthology…

:chickendance Hollie!!! :chickendance

Congratulations, Hollie! :patrick3 Please contact me with your full name & mailing information, & I’ll get your book out to you as soon as I can!


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  1. Colleen C. says:

    Congrats to Hollie! :cheer
    I am happy that we have had some rain lately.
    I am happy that I have been able to enjoy a bunch of books this weekend.

  2. Hollie says:

    Wow!! Thank You!!!
    I am thankful that I won!! :chickendance
    I am also thankful that we have not had a fire yet..as we have had absolutely no rain in weeks…we had a touch of it when we went to NY..but it didnt last but a few minutes..and not any since!! :hotstuff
    I am thankful that I am still on summer vacation from school! Love going to be late and getting up …late! (if you can count 6am late)

    Glad MMD is feeling better!! But I’m sure that you were a wonderful nurse for her Heidi!! :howyoudoin

  3. Mary Kirkland says:

    Glad to hear that MMD is feeling better, that’s always good. Hope you don’t catch whatever she had..

    Congrats Hollie.

  4. ChrisS says:

    Glad to hear MMD is feeling better and you have been able to avoid catching it. That’s always a good thing.

    I am happy this weekend because our air conditioning has been fixed and I’ve lost four pounds this week. :cool

  5. Jay says:

    :thumbsup Congratulations, Hollie!!! :cheer

  6. Kathleen O says:

    Sorry your mom has not been feeling well, but that she is on the mend… And I hope you don’t get it… :Cukoo

    I am having a happy Sunday, just relaxing after a small dinner party I had last night… Was worth all the work…

    COngrats to Hollie, enjoy your winnings..

  7. cinnamon says:

    glad to hear your mom is on the mend. am happy that it finally rained last night, it cooled down for the first time in over a week and i actually slept!!! :Cukoo

    i may have a new addition to the family, my neighbour found a kitten on the street and it is now residing in the cat bed. it is a little sweetheart but the jury is still out on whether it is staying. one cat took one look and ran and hid in the bathroom, #2 sniffed, her eyes got saucer like and she has stayed in the bedroom. the oldest (and most miserable cat you have ever seen in your life) did the ritual growl, hiss, yowl routine and walked away. we will see :scratchhead

    • Heidi says:

      Oh, Cinnamon, I am so jealous. Bless you for taking the poor little thing in! And I’m betting s/he stays. The others will get used to having a new friend around…mine always do. They hiss their brains out at first, then before you know it, it’s “eh, whatever.” :happysun

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