Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday, everyone!  How are you doing this week?  Or even this month, since it’s been a while since we’ve had one of these good, old-fashioned “attitude of gratitude” posts.  I have much to be thankful for this week, & hope you do, too! :flower:

I AM HAPPY that my sweet, wonderful Harley, who was sick enough to be hospitalized only a few weeks ago, is 100% recovered & back to his amazing, energetic, only occasionally naughty self.

I AM HAPPY that (post-recovery, of course :snail: ) Harley found one of my missing rings under a chair.  And a week later, Bella found another one under my bed. :eggwave:   I’m still missing one, but I’m delighted to have two of them recovered.  Never mind that I searched under my bed & that chair—& a zillion other places—myself.  Never mind that I probably shouldn’t wear rings around the house to begin with, because I seem to constantly be losing/misplacing them.  Never mind that if one of The Kittehs swallowed one, I would probably have to hang myself out of guilt. :sob:   I’m just going to take this as a win & try to be more careful—or not wear rings at all—from now on.

I AM HAPPY that we had another free preview weekend of HBO & Cinemax recently, so I was able to DVR a few more movies I’d like to see…eventually.  Suicide Squad, How to Be Single, Keanu, Lights Out, X-Men: Apocalypse

I don’t know how wonderful some of them will be—& if you’ve seen them, feel free to let me know what you thought.  There’s no law saying I can’t delete them & free up some extra space on the DVR if they’re not worth watching. :carrottslam:

And finally, I AM HAPPY that I’m getting through some of those movies because I’ve been spending a lot of time on the Torture Cycle.  Pretty much daily, so I’ve gotten to see Non-Stop, Jupiter Ascending, Dumb & Dumber ToAnnie, Sinister 2The Conjuring 2, & am now watching Labor Day & X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Oh, Wolverine, how I’ve missed you. :blowkiss:

On that delightfully sexy note, I will turn the reins over to you, My Darlings

What great stuff is happening with you this week?  What are you happy about & thankful for?  Take a second to share with us so we can be happy for you, too!


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