Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday, everyone! How are you enjoying the crisp Fall month of November so far?  (And join me as I weep that I even have to say that.  Wasn’t it May, like, ten minutes ago? :whereishe: )

Even so, I hope you’re having a grateful week, with lots of good stuff happening that you’re ready to share with your fellow Darlings!

I AM HAPPY that this is my birthday month. :bdaycake:  Not that anything uber-exciting is planned or will even happen, but how can you not love your birthday month?  It’s just fun & a great excuse to toss out when you need extra leverage to do or buy something. :happybday:

As I may have mentioned a time or ten (especially on Facebook & Twitter), I’ve had the worst time finding someone to set up internet service at the New House. :killturkey:  Never in a million years could I have guessed it would be this complicated or difficult.  I mean, it’s not a house build into the side of a mountain or something; there are other houses all around that have phone lines, cable lines, internet connections…the whole ball of technological wax.  But for me—sorry, no can do. :wishbone:

Comcast wanted $1300 just to bring their lines to my house from three or four houses away.  Verizon didn’t even offer, even though I talked to the neighbor across the street who told me that’s who he uses for internet. DishNetwork was willing to move my television service & set me up with their satellite internet (DishNet), but it was going to be about three times more than I’m paying now just for TV, & I’ve heard nothing but not great/”don’t do it!” things about it.  AT&T doesn’t service Pennsylvania…Atlantic Broadband is in a couple of the major cities around me, but not close enough to be of any help…  Who else?  If you can think of a company that offers any kind of internet, I called them, I promise you.  And I even considered—seriously considered—paying Comcast that astronomical fee just to get something out to the new house. :iamouttahere:

Now, I won’t go in to detail about how it happened because it is Just.  Too.  Much.  But if you follow me on Facebook & such, you’ve likely already heard the meat of the story, anyway.  Suffice to say that at the recommendation of a neighbor, I ended up on the phone with DirecTV.  I wasn’t terribly hopeful, given that I’d never heard of them offering satellite internet, let alone anything else. But if DishNetwork offers satellite internet, DirecTV might, too, & what did I have to lose?  Color me pass-out purple when the agent said they could offer me internet at the New House.  And not satellite, either, but honest to goodness high speed DSL through the phone line via one of their many provider partners. :ridemturkey:

:turkeydance:  Happy dance!  Happy dance!  Finally—success!  I gave them my information, my credit card number, offered my firstborn—whatever they wanted, they could have it!—& then scheduled a technician to come out the very next day to set up the TV service.  I’d just need to call a different number to set up the internet technician.

And then it happened:  I called to set up the internet technician & was told…no, I’m sorry; I don’t know why the other agent told you that, but you most certainly cannot have internet at your new address.

I don’t mind telling you that I nearly gave up in that moment.  I was dearly tempted to fall to the floor & just lie there.  Like, forever.

Instead, though, I somehow got a second wind & suddenly became even more determined, more positive about the entire situation.  I went to bed thinking two things:  1.) that when I woke up, I would be as happy as a bird with a French fry (yes, it’s become a bit of a mantra for me these past few weeks) & 2.) that as soon as I got up, I would once again take up my proverbial sword & return to the battle! :whereishe:

By that point, I was fairly certain that I would have to bite the bullet & settle for dial-up; surely even Verizon would be willing to give me that archaic, hair-pulling, garment-rending bit of technology.  It’s better than nothing, right?  (Though not by much.)

Somehow…& I swear I miraculously, almost accidentally backed into it…I ended up on a page that compared the three top providers of satellite internet:  HughesNet, DishNet, & Exede.  Well, I’d never even heard of Exede, but the article very clearly stated that it was the best of the three.  The other two weren’t too far behind, but Exede was a little bit faster, offered slightly better plans, had slightly better customer service, etc.  So I decided to research them a bit further.  And lo & behold, I discovered there’s an Exede dealer one town over from the New House.  Not only that, but another miraculously-discovered web page hinted that I could get an Exede Internet + DirecTV bundle. :turkeydance:

So this week…yes, I’m getting there; the long way, but I’m getting there… :piemunch:

I AM HAPPY that I called that number & talked to the most wonderful man at my local Exede Internet dealership!  He spent forever on the phone with me, explaining everything, answering all of my questions, giving me all of my options.  And he assured me that he can absolutely give me Exede (satellite) Internet out at the New House.  That it is not as bad—or as expensive–as I’d feared, & that it would be just as fast & allow me just as much data as high speed internet.  He also happily told me that Exede & DirecTV are partners, so I could actually have the exact same bundle deal I’d worked out the day before—TV, internet, & phone. :gobble:

I AM HAPPY, too, that because he’s a local dealer, he will personally be the one to come out & install the satellite dishes & systems.  He is the one I can call any time I have a problem…& I can even show up on his doorstep because now I know where his shop is. :ridemturkey:

And finally, I AM HAPPY that he set up all of my accounts right then over the phone & offered to come out the very next week.

Fingers crossed this all works out as well as I’m hoping—& he seems to think it will—because I’ve been fighting with this internet issue since August.  It’s pretty much the only reason I am not yet living full-time at the New House & have become absolutely exhausted & world-weary at splitting my life between two residences. :turkeycoma:

So how about you?  If you’re still awake after that mini-diatribe, what are YOU thankful for this week?  Happy about, grateful for, eager to celebrate? :bdaycake:

Take a minute to share with us, so we can give you a giant pat on the back & celebrate with you! :happytable:


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  1. Hollie says:

    Happy Sunday before your birthday!!
    I am grateful for Looong winded friends! 😉
    I am grateful that Miss Heidi didn’t tan my hide when I accidentally mentioned my new love for Jason Statham after watching him in the movie SPY…althoooooo… a good hide tanning might be kinda fun..
    I am grateful for ..Life. Sometimes ya gotta go way back and start at the beginning.

    :turkeydance: :turkeydance:

    • Heidi says:

      Excuse moi? Are you calling ME long-winded? Never! Why, I am the most short-winded person you’ll ever meet. :whereishe: No one’s eyes ever glaze over them *I’m* speaking. They just, you know…run away. :iamouttahere:

      And Mistress Heidi has decided it’s okay if you *admire* her Darling Jason. After all, she’s proud of her boy toys. :ridemturkey: As long as you don’t touch. :killturkey:

      I, too, am happy for life…in general. :happytable: You’re very right about sometimes having to thankful for the simple things, & just being alive & healthy is definitely one of them! :mayflower:

  2. Kathleen O says:

    When we depend on the internet and WiFi and the landlines and such, when we can’t get what we want it throws our whole lives in a tizzy. I am so happy for you that life will once again be back on track for you… Wishing you luck…

    Life has been what I will call calm, and I hope it’s not before the storm…Had a good friend that I have not seen in awhile, life just gets in the way, but we had a good visit this week and I had a pedicure. That makes everything better!!

    • Heidi says:

      You’re so right, Kathleen. Of all the things I thought might be problematic at the new house, getting internet was NOT one of them. I am just *shocked* at how much trouble that was! :wishbone:

      I’m so glad things have been calm in your corner of the world. Let’s not look a gift horse in the mouth…just go with it & enjoy it for as long as it lasts! And a fun visit with an old friend definitely counts as something to be thankful for! :turkeydance:

  3. Brooke C says:

    Happy Birthday month! :happybday: I’m glad to hear that your internet problems seem to be all worked out. Who knew that in 2015 getting internet could be such a huge hassle?

    This week, I’m happy that I got accepted at a new volunteer position, and that even though I’ve been incredibly busy lately I’ve actually been getting some work done this weekend! :killturkey:

    • Heidi says:

      Thank you, Brooke! :bdaycake:

      I know—I had less trouble getting online back when the internet first became a thing. Granted, it was dial-up, but it was still easier than this was. :killturkey:

      Yay for your new position! What kind of volunteering are you doing? That’s so great…you should be really proud of yourself. The world need more people like you! :happytable:

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