Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday, everyone!  How are you doing this week?

It seems like there’s an excessive amount of stuff going on lately, keeping me running around like a wind-up toy, but most of it is craziness I can’t really talk about.  So even though (as usual) I’ve got much to say Thank You for, I’ve really got to reeeeaaach for things I can share. :img11

Let’s see…

Well, I AM HAPPY—& beyond grateful—that my babies (a.k.a. The Kittehs) are all healthy & happy & safe.  I’m a typical mama bear, spending 98% of my time trying to make them happy & the other 2% worrying that they might get sick or hurt or something might happen to them.  (I say 2% because I believe worrying about something can actually make bad things happen, but despite what you may have heard, I am human.)  It probably doesn’t help Nicholas is about 16-years-old now, & with the house opened up on a daily basis for the enjoyment of fresh air & summer weather, I have the constant concern that they may somehow manage to get out. :img22   So yeah, I’m just extremely grateful that The Kittehs have all remained safely inside & continue to be fuzzy little balls of energy. :img19

I AM HAPPY that so many TV shows have ended their seasons.  Yeah, I miss some of them—& am thoroughly annoyed at the cancellation of others :img20 —but mostly I’m thankful for a bit of a break.  Keeping up with so many new episodes is practically a part-time job!  And I don’t even let myself watch new stuff unless it’s on the Torture Cycle (because if I have time to watch TV, I have time to write, don’t I? :img16 ), which means it takes me even longer to get stuff watched.

It also seems I’m becoming a bit of a pillow collector.  Completely unintentionally.  (If there’s anything I don’t need more of, it’s pillows. :img18 )  But how could I resist when I found a couple that put huge smiles on my face?  The first is the Wicked Witch from The Wizard of Oz & uses one of my very favorite (& oft-repeated) lines:  “I’ll get you, my pretty, and your little dog, too!”

And the other is…well, this:

And I AM HAPPY to have both of them.  Bwahahaha!

So how about you?  How has the past week been treating My Darlings?  Whatever you’re happy about or thankful for, we’d love to hear about it!  Then we’ll do a bit of celebrating…you know, weather permitting. :img30


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  1. PattiF says:

    I’m thankful my diabetic cat seems to be responding to the insulin. Good to see her back in her old ways that I used to get annoyed at. Never again. :img19

    I’m also thankful for the warmer weather. :img4 I hate winter.

    :img11 And I am thankful for being alive and healthy. :img24

    • Heidi says:

      So glad to hear about your cat, Patti! That sort of thing is scary. :img22 I know what you mean about loving the annoying stuff, too; I was like that with Elder Kitty. The older she got, the more accidents she had, but I kept saying I didn’t care how many messes I had to clean up, as long as she stayed healthy & vibrant. And she did, right up to the end. :img4

      The weather for me is getting a bit *too* warm, but I’m not a fan of deep winter, either. Spring & Fall—those are my favorite times of year. :img30

      Like you, I am also thankful to be alive & healthy—every single day, thank God! :img15

  2. Mary Kirkland says:

    So glad to hear that your kitty’s are doing well.


    I am happy that my sister in laws dad was released from the hospital this week when just last week they didn’t think he was going to make it. My brother can’t come for a visit next month ow but at least his father in law is better.

    I found two cousins on FB that I’ve never met before. They are my grandpa’s and his first wive’s kids. So technically half cousins but family none the less.

    Oh and today is my 10 year blogoversary! I cannot believe that I’ve had my blog now for 10 years. Wow.

    :img13 :img30 :img13 :img30

    • Heidi says:

      So happy to hear about your s-i-l’s dad. Again, that stuff is scary! And what a blessing to have him home when he’d been doing so badly…definitely something to be grateful for! :img15

      I can’t believe it’s been 10+yrs since we all started this blogging stuff, either. Yikes! :img19 Do you think blogs are on their way out, thanks to social media stuff? I worry about that a bit, but figure I’ll keep The Dungeon going as a news/announcement page, if nothing else. :img14

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