Happy Sunday

How’s everybody enjoying the first official week of Fall?  The weather here definitely can’t make up its mind; it’s perfectly nice during the day, then drops to frigid at night. :scaryeyes

But this week, I AM HAPPY to have my annual dentist appointment out of the way.  I don’t really mind going to the dentist, but I can’t say it’s a barrel of monkeys, so it’s always nice to be done with it for six more months.  Unfortunately, I do need another filling replaced, which is also not going to be a barrel of monkeys.  Last time, the minute I walked out of the office, the shot he’d given me wore off & I was miserable for nearly two weeks.  This time, he’s either going to give me a double dose or I’m going to dope myself up! :coffin

I AM HAPPY, too, with a few wonderful discoveries I made while out & about.  I found a bunch of Diet Cherry Coke on sale when I haven’t seen Diet Cherry Coke in ages!  They switched to that gross Cherry Coke Zero, so now the good stuff is impossible to find.  :dracula   Do I even need to mention that I bought it all?

I also found a dozen more cans of an energy drink I love, & a new cat bed for The Kittehs!  Now, you may be thinking, “Doesn’t she have enough cat beds already?”  And it’s true—I collect them almost like I collect kittehs themselves.  :winkingpumpkin   But I’m always on the lookout for ones they might like better, & one of their favorites does seem to be on its last legs, so this was more of a replacement or upgrade.  And Tigger especially loves it!  I put it in a quiet, private spot that only he knows about at the moment.  It lets him get away & nap away from the others.  (I should mention that Tigger would really do better as an only child; he doesn’t play well with others, but only because they don’t play well with him. :scarymonster )

Most of all, I AM HAPPY that I got a chiropractic adjustment that really helped with the headaches.  I’d been waking up & going to bed with just this dull throb in my head almost 24/7.  Popping an Advil or Motrin or whatever only helped for a short time.  But as soon as I got my back & neck cracked, all of that went away.  I can’t say I haven’t had any headaches since, but only a wee pressure here or there that I think is due to sinuses & allergies more than anything else.  And being mostly heachache-free is SO nice! :blinky

How about you?  What great or just grateful-for stuff is going on in your life this week?  Have you dug out your sweaters & winter pjs & slipper socks?  I have, at least partially. :sweetwitch

So let us know about your wonderful week! :scarystories



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  1. Donna A says:

    I too went to the dentist this week as a follow up to the root canal I had done last week. :scaryeyes But I also have the greatest Dentist in the world so not much pain. DH put his car in the shop and took mine to work so I had to ride my scooter everywhere. :flyingwitch Normally this wouldn’t be a problem cause I love riding my scoot but of course he picked the day the fall rains started. :scaredcat I think I may have finally found a food that all 3 of the kitties will eat. :sweetwitch Keeping fingers crossed.

    • Heidi says:

      Ha ha ha! I’ve always wanted a scooter, so I still consider you lucky. But *of course* it rained while you were on it! #Murphy’sLaw

      And yay for satisfying three picky kitties. I haven’t managed that yet. Most of them will eat the same thing, but a couple still need to be fed their own faves. :scaredcat

  2. Kathleen O says:

    The start and middle of the week were just..blah, but the weather made up for it.. We had a lovely first week of fall, temps got into the 70’s some days. The end of the week and weekend I saw a few family members and I had not seen my youngest niece since late winter and she looks wonderful, she is just 12 and she had got a big heavy, but she has slimmed down and looks like a Million bucks… Have a good week all… :winkingpumpkin

    • Heidi says:

      The temps have been lovely this week. So nice!

      And it’s so nice that you got to catch up with family. I’m not sure I’d look forward to that with mine, but when you’ve got a good one you actually *like* to spend time with, it’s great. :scarystories

  3. Mary Kirkland says:

    I love buying new things for the rats. Lucky just got a new Sputnik (little round plastic house) because he chewed up most of the old one and one side was completely gone so when he would lay in it, his butt would just flop out. lol

    Marbles and Bandit got a new fluffy fleece bed because they’re old and they like the soft fluffy beds more than the Sputniks.

    Bandit had a little URI (Upper respiratory infection) but I started him on antibiotics and he’s not sneezing hardly at all anymore.
    <:)~ <:)~ <:)~ I need a rat emoticon. lol

    • Heidi says:

      So glad Bandit is feeling better!

      And yay for new ratty stuff! You know how much I love getting new goodies for The Kittehs. :spider

      Btw, I don’t know if you have any Ollie’s warehouse stores where you are, but last time I was in one here, they had little rat/hamster/etc. tunnels made out of corn. I assume so that if they chewed on them, they were safe & basically just food. I almost bought them just cuz I thought they were so neat!

      Don’t know if you’d be interested in something like that or not, but if you are, keep your eyes peeled. :bloodyeye

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