Happy Caturday


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  1. Dee says:

    Truth. Cats do what they want

  2. Donna Antonio says:


  3. Leeannlovingthebooks says:

    Agree. Leona does what she wants, when she wants and we are “told” we like it that way…lol

  4. Minna says:

    I see that cat isn’t an escape artist. :sun:

    • Heidi says:

      :lolol: A lot of them are, huh? Mine don’t even have collars because they REFUSE to be leashed or marked or “owned” in any way. :happysummer:

      • Minna says:

        My sister-in-law had a cat who could wriggle himself out of a harness if you weren’t careful. And every time he’d had a little holiday on countryside hunting mice and everything that moved (he was a real hunter) and it was time to go back to the city he always looked like he was about to go to prison! At least once he tried to REALLY avade capture and we had to chase him all over until he was caught. :shark:

        • Heidi says:

          Oh, *all* my kittehs can wiggle out of a harness. For the most part, only Nicholas didn’t mind wearing one & loved going out for walks. Of course, when I say “walks,” I mean we went outside & I followed wherever he wanted to go, just keeping hold of the leash to be safe. :lifeguard:

          Man, when cats don’t want to be captured, they’re worse than slippery eels. :shark:

  5. MSusan says:

    This is top notch, most cats.training challenge. Like kids at the grocery store :full cart, 2 seconds from checkout long lines…you lost your humor 30min ago and there it is tantrum/ dead weight tactic.

    My rescue 1998 from patio/creek=kitty highway sammy booboo(#rip jan 2013) ,definite semi feral loner to clique siblings,fred & ginger. The harness? Unbelievable technique!! All 3 on leashes patio while i’m baking. EVERY time ,limp empty harness.she is already creekbound adventure? Sit there and watch?nothing. Had to watch from 2nd floor thru lace curtain panel. She KNEW i was there, the old hooded stare.never have i seen anything like it= a cartoon it was, no video, damn.

    5 years later Brutus arrives(rip fred & ginger 2 wks apart). 1st dog cat i’ve ever met!. Took 6 mo to lure inside( sweet story coaxing with late nite read out loud to him). He followed me everywhere in the garden as long as i didn’t face him+add a step. 88* philly summer at midnight daily walk? He followed me like a dog at heel.wild!!.loves the harness, wiggles when i lift off the hook. Totally kooky. And winter with snow super happy! Have you ever??

    He has been west pa with mum with the inseparable betsy for 🙁 2 yrs.me, medical.mum,, she loves(my) trained cats? I must video when he, they return….&meet 20 lb. Stanley 50 grey (yikes, 2 males)who actually SCREAMS like a little girl? at the harness.huh?? #life withcats

  6. Mina Gerhart says:

    Hmmm, I don’t quite agree. BossCat Roadie was leash trained? from 12 weeks on 🙂
    LOVE the picture though, BossCat Roadie HATED halter type leashes and would have instant paralysis. HE trained me to use a regular around the neck collar which worked fine for 18 years 🙂

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