stranger than fiction

OMG, have you seen this commercial?!

Not even funny—or perhaps even more hysterical–because, as you know, I just moved into a new house.  And I, too, question the previous owner’s taste…because I, too, have a terrible dining room mural to contend with:

P.S.  I think I’d rather have the beach scene.  I could actually do something with that. :situp:


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  1. Sharon Shearouse says:

    oh, dear! :morning: What have you decided to do with it?

    • Heidi Betts says:

      LOL Nothing yet, because my fabulous web gal suggested I hold a reader contest about it. Haven’t decided quite how to go about that, but I totally want to. :butterfly:

      So it’s remaining as-is for the moment & I just sort of…shade my eyes as I walk past. :dizzy:

  2. Kathleen O says:

    It would sure be a conversation piece!!! But I would put up something new to talk about! :swing:

    • Heidi Betts says:

      Yeah, it has been that. LOL :gum:

      Funny thing is, most of MMD’s friends who have seen it *love* it & think it should stay. But MMD & I both think it’s hideous, so it has got to go! :grrr: Will probably take 1000 layers of paint to cover, but you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do, right? :seymour:

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