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It is time again to cast your vote for our Hunk of the Month.  The winner will grace our Dungeon sidebar all through the month of February, & since February is Valentine’s month, I thought a few romantic hotties were in order.

romance Pictures, Images and PhotosA Single Red Rose

Hugh Jackman Pictures, Images and PhotosA Rose by Any Other Name (would still smell as sexy as Hugh)

PhotobucketOpen My Box of Candy First

PhotobucketLip Smackin’ Good


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  1. mary k says:

    While I like all of them, I voted for A Single Red Rose. That’s just so hot. :biggrin

  2. Dee says:

    I don’t have to be an angel today. Mi piace. 🙂

  3. Hollie says:

    I went with Lip smacking good!! :blowkiss

  4. Heidi says:

    I’m having trouble deciding which is my favorite, too. I mean, they’re all just so hot.

    And is it just me, or does that Box of Candy hottie have a bit of a Harry Connick, Jr. thing going on? Yum. :Pretty

  5. Ilona says:

    I want to steal A Single Red Rose from you so that makes him my vote 😀

  6. Grace says:

    Hugh Jackson makes me spontaneously ovulate so my vote is for him, all day, every day.

  7. Jennifer cryblskey says:

    :uhoh Hugh Jackman….totally!

  8. Sonya Johnston says:

    SINGLE RED ROSE ALL THE WAY!!! I like the mystery about it Mmmmmmm HOTTTT!!!!

  9. Paula R. says:

    Single red rose is might hot. That pic just does something to me. very poignant. Great choices…thanks for making it hard to choose, Heidi…lol!!!

    Peace and love,
    Paula R.

  10. Laura J. says:

    I say it’s Valentine’s Day month…the month of love…let’s make them all the Hunk of the month and show our love to them all!!! :somuchlove

  11. Heidi says:

    A Single Rose is good…you can put anybody’s face on him you want, right? :Pretty

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