RIP Robin Williams

Wow.  I am shocked & heartbroken at the news that Robin Williams died yesterday.  For the longest time, I refused to believe the posts I was seeing on Twitter & Facebook, praying it was simply a cruel hoax.  I still can’t quite believe it’s true. :may17

Who didn’t absolutely love him?

Who didn’t think he was hilarious & brilliant, a true comedic genius?

Who won’t miss him like crazy & wonder how many more fabulously funny movies he might have starred in if he were still around?

I can’t say I’m surprised that he passed by a suspected suicide, because highly creative types are often plagued by depression and addictions.  But what a shame.  And what a terrible, terrible loss. :may38


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  1. Barbie Pomales says:

    Dear lord I was shock and shaken when I heard.The man is a genius look at the birdcage …and it wasn’t like he wasn’t working .I shaken up because he was still young and I sure he had no idea how loved he was not just to his family but his fans I mean every generation . I knew him as. Mrs .doubtfire then as night in the museum… Sad really sad :may38 :may38

    • Heidi says:

      So true. I’m still in total disbelief—I don’t *want* to believe it. :may17

      He was amazing in *everything* & I just ke :may38 ep thinking how sad a world it’s going to be without him—or more of his humor—in it.

  2. Kathleen O says:

    It was such a shock.. I knew that his TV show was cancelled and that he was in Rehab.. The world has lost a great actor and comedian.. May his soul be at peace.

    • Heidi says:

      I didn’t watch “The Crazy Ones” when it was on (which I now feel incredibly guilty about), but I always intended to catch it. For one thing, I never expected it to be cancelled; with him & as funny as I heard it was, I thought it would be on much longer. For another, I just wanted to catch it from the beginning, so I was waiting for repeats to help me catch up & climb on board for Season 2.

      Now I’m not sure I *can* watch it. I don’t want to see him, think he’s wonderful—a usual—then be struck with the sad realization that he’s gone. :may38

  3. sharon says:

    :may38 It was such a SHOCK to hear this. I know he battled demons, but never thought how bad. He was such a talent and left a wonderful mark on the world and in our lives. He will be missed.

    • Heidi says:

      Ditto. I keep wishing someone had just caught him 5mins before he decided to end his life. Just catch him, stop him, help him get through that dark place so he could feel better & stick around.

      Damn you, depression! :may23

  4. Yazmin R. says:

    It truly was a shock to hear of his death. May his soul be at peace now away from all the demons that plagued him. :may38

    My only consolation is that we can still remember him as the very talented person he was. And hope that they will continue to release the material and ideas (from what I heard on the radio) he was working on for future work.

    • Heidi says:

      He had so much more to do, tho…I can’t help but believe that’s true. And watching him now will just make me sad that he’s no longer around.

      He did have a brilliant career, made such a mark in the world, & one day I’ll be able to appreciate that again. But for now, I’m just SAD…& more than a little angry, too, :May37

  5. Mary Kirkland says:

    it’s so sad to think he was so emotionally devastated that he felt the only choice he had was to end his own life. That makes me so sad.

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