what should we name the baby?

Oh, yeah…you only wish Darling Dwayne & I were expecting, ’cause you know the baby would turn out to be devilishly cute in its own horned & evil kinda way. :muahaha

But alas, I am only asking for help coming up with a name for the baby in my current Harlequin Desire manuscript—tentatively titled A Baby in the Billionaire’s Boardroom. (You can help name Darling Dwayne‘s & my demon spawn…er, I mean, bundle of joy later. :winkwink )

So all while I’ve been working on Boardroom, I’ve been calling the hero & heroine’s three-month-old son Hugh.  And that worked for me for a while, even though I occasionally slipped into calling him Baby Hugh or Baby Hughie.

But lately, it’s just not clicking, so I’m starting over & asking for your help to come up with something I can really love.

There are a few caveats to tossing out baby names, though…

For one, I need to avoid repetition with other names in the story, so it can’t start with any of these letters:  A, B, C, E, F, J, M, R, S, T, V, or W.  (Yeah, I know—tie my hands much?  Why do you think I’m having so much troubling landing on one I like? :moon )

For another, it can’t be too unique or out-there.  I don’t mind getting a little creative, but remember that this is a Harlequin Desire, so the characters are pretty much filthy rich & more old-fashioned & reserved.  Plus, the parents’ names are Alexander & Jessica, so no going out on the crazy limb & naming their baby something like Moon Unit or Pilot Inspektor.  (No offense to Frank Zappa or Jason Lee, who were obviously smoking a little sumpin’-sumpin’ when they came up with their babies’ names. :dropmouth )

I’ve also been considering simply changing the baby’s name to Henry to stay with the same letter of the alphabet.  (And obviously because I’ve been watching a little too much Once Upon a Time. :winkwink )

So let me know what you think of that idea, as well as throwing out some baby name suggestions of your own!


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  1. Amanda A. Brooks says:

    How about:


  2. TamVan says:

    I second Ian, or maybe an Owen or a Kyle.

  3. Angie M says:

    I like Ian also. Other sugesstions; Kane, Neil or Gregory?

  4. Amanda Ward says:

    The name David (as its st David’s day today) appeared in my mind straight away. George, Grant, Darwin (after charles darwin)

  5. Jay says:

    I think it was that talk about demonspawn and babies, so here goes:

    1) Damien
    2) Gavin
    3) Lorne

  6. Laura J. says:

    Isn’t Jessica a little unique herself? I think you could go with something a little more artsy or slightly unique, but not weird (Moon Unit/Pilot Inspektor).

    Henry, Oliver, Gavin, Zander (after daddy :winkwink ) Xavier, Gunnar, Quin, Garin, Landon, Phinn.

    • Heidi says:

      Actually, I’ve been toying with the idea of mentioning that he’s named after his grand- or great-grandfather – the heroine’s father/grandfather, then with Alexander as his middle name. Which is why an “older” name might work.

      Thankfully, I’ve got a little room to play & time to decide, so I’m open to just about everything. (Just not Pilot Inspektor or Moon Unit. :oops )

  7. Irene says:

    Aww, come on.
    How about Nick?

    You get a lot of play with that…the little devil!

  8. Karla says:

    I vote for Nicholas.. but I like Henry too.. 🙂 (I’m also a once upon fan!!)

  9. Heidi says:

    Oooh, I like some of these. I’m going to have to roll them around in my head, trying them on for size. (The best time to do that is when I’m actually writing & using the baby’s name.)

    But keep ’em coming so I have a nice, long list to play with tonight! :twirl

  10. Bonia says:


    Those are my votes! Their both older names, and still a tad unique.

  11. Darline says:


    1. Logan
    2. Zachery
    3. Xavier

  12. Sherie says:

    My top boy name was Luke or Lucas if you want to go a little more formal!

  13. Hollie says:

    I like Patrick or Keegan …it is March :thumbsup

  14. Anne says:

    David, it’s a solid, nice name. I’m not thrilled with Davy as a nickname though. (No disrespect to the late Davy Jones who I had a crush on in the 70’s. )

  15. Tina B says:

    How about Nathan, Daniel or Kai? Good luck.

  16. DebraG says:

    How about Dallis? or Gavin or Nicholas

  17. Colleen C. says:

    What about Devon, Kavan or Kieran.

  18. Jessica Lemmon says:

    I was going to suggest Henry! That’s perfect. And with the rise of Henry Cavill :blowkiss (our new Superman come 2012) I’ll bet we’ll see a rise in that name’s popularity. Plus, it’s just classic.

  19. Jessica Lemmon says:

    Erm…that was supposed to say “come FALL of 2012.” get me talking about Cavill, and all my brains slide out my ears. :dropmouth

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