On the episode of Bob’s Burgers titled “The Kids Run Away,” Linda sends Tina into her aunt Gayle’s apartment on a “Secret Mission.” And while Linda & Bob wait outside in the car, Tina texts her mother:

Text #1 — “Hi, Mom. Ready when you are.”

Text #2 — “It’s Tina.”

Text #3 — “Tina your daughter, Tina.”

I laughed so hard when I saw this, because that is SO ME, it’s not even funny.  That’s almost exactly what I do every time I call Madame Mommy Dearest. :watermelon:

Never mind that she’s my mother & probably recognizes my voice fairly quickly.

Never mind that everyone has Caller ID these days & she probably knows I’m the one calling before she even answers.

As soon as she picks up the phone, I still say, “Hi, Mom, it’s me—Heidi.” :lolol:

She’s tells me every so often that she knows who I am, I don’t have to identify myself with name, rank, & serial number.  But still I persist.

It’s my thing, I guess. :crutch:   I even had an editor tell me once that I didn’t need to use my first & last name to identify myself when I called her.  But I don’t know how many Heidis she knows!  So, yes, I do.

Or maybe it’s just my own personal reaction to never really standing out in a crowd. :fly: