pardon the dust

I may not be around The Dungeon as much as usual this week…& possibly in the week(s) to come…because:

A.)  I’m finally moved in to the New House!!! :turkeydance:

& B.)  Things in the New House are not running as smoothly as one (namely I) might desire. :whereishe:

Nothing major, but the big thing that effects my ability to visit The Dungeon is that I can only get an internet connection in the basement of the New House.  The main internet cable is connected to the desktop computer—which is in the basement…a.k.a. the site of my future office :ridemturkey: ) & the wi-fi doesn’t travel upstairs yet.  Apparently there is a way to get that to happen, but it requires two wi-fi routers & a “bridge”—neither of which I have at the moment. :wishbone:

Soon, I hope, but in the meantime, I only trot down to the basement once or twice a day to log on.  And things upstairs are keeping me so busy, that’s about all I can manage.

So bear with me, please.  I have lots to report & will get to that as soon as I can.  And of course I’ll still try to get the important posts up—you know, Hunk Day & Friday Funnies :gobble: —but you may have to doodle in the dust the rest of the time, until I can get my ducks in a row & smooth out the crinkles of New House living. :killturkey:

P.S.  I may very well re-post this post every few days, just as a reminder in between the fun, pre-ordained stuff.  So don’t be surprised if you see it again.



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  1. M Susan says:

    MY rush move too early by 6 or 7 weeks,eeeeeeeeeeeee ,blech. Is at the 30 hours to go ,”on your mark. Get set, GO.??”.i think i may have called the same few truck rental #s over and asked the same,exact questions over,again to the same 3 guys….what happened to the quotes from Sept.??? (Mutter “wtf) help me understand why the reserved truck is M.I.A. for today but may show up 8:30 tonite…when the helpers are snug,planning the week details in org. Homes…hunh???off season weekend days are +$30.00 more & +$1.00 more per mile.????? So Not the Day To Be Determined To Find the PROPER Solution….it was an abomination hallucination! Instead I delayed picking up the15 “apple boxes with lids” .cooking every perishable,”why is that stuff piled in the? corner? Didn’t i just seal a box 1 hour ago with the same s*#t? Is it on the uber inventory sheet??! Could i really have a complete duplicate set of the same s#*t and never noticed??? Oh,man.i think i have to go to bed right now…..8am documents , set of 3’s, to meeting and ship from P.O..a huge 2nd set of insurance copies)???THEN ..the truck with the very special”dish saver” boxes perched on the?? dish edge) Done,!…..eyes crossed.,bloody hell,… I fell asleep sitting up mid spell, only 5 huh? Five hours of sleep before the last 24 hours…………mistress heidi you must be available to easily amuse us ,whom will be zinged all this week….MSM meow us.

  2. Dee says:

    Congrats on the move and I hope it starts feeling more settled soon.

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