All right, my Darlings, time to put your thinking caps on!

Now that Top Secret Project #2 is turned in, it’s time to start working on Top Secret Project #3.

I’ve got the skeleton of the characters & idea already—which, of course I can’t share just yet :May37 —but the details are a little shaky & I definitely need to nail them down before I start writing.

So here’s where I’m stuck & could use your help: :may20

What are some good reasons for the Hero & Heroine to divorce?

Keeping in mind that Top Secret Project #3 is going to be all about them getting back together! :may26

A few of the more typical ones have already crossed my mind, of course.  And a couple of those I’ve already used in previous books.  Like the suspicion of an affair  (Knock Me for a Loop) or wanting different things/growing apart/irreconcilable differences (Loves Me, Loves Me Knot).  So I’m not sure I want to use any of those again…though I’ve got to admit, they would work. :may19

What are some nice, solid reasons a couple might split, but that leaves room for them to get back together in the span of about 100 pages?

Or maybe more importantly, what reason would you like to read about in a sexy, funny upcoming story by Moi? :may15

Any & all suggestions will be gladly accepted.  Then I’ll mull them over, see how they fit in with the rest of the puzzle pieces I’ve already got in mind for this story, & see what fits. :mat27

Thanks in advance! :may7