Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday, my Darlings!

How are things going with each & every one of you?  Wonderfully well, I hope…& I hope you’ll take a minute to share with us this week the things that are making you happy & thankful. :loveletter:

On my end, I AM HAPPY this week that there are really decent & wonderful people in this world. A lot of the time, I’m of the mind that “people are assholes,” & there really are a lot of jerks out there, mouth-breathing their way through our lives. :rain:

But once in a while, I’m reminded that good people exist, too. :angel:

I recently discovered that there was a leak somewhere in our water line.  Over the past few months, the water usage on my bill has been creeping up & up…but I am so ultra-conservative when it comes to water that I knew I couldn’t actually be using that much; not when I use essentially the same amount of water all the time, not filling a swimming pool or watering outdoor plants or anything like that.  So I called the water company & they confirmed my suspicions. :boohoo:

I didn’t quite know what to do after that, but this is where the Really Good People come in.  I happened to have the phone number of the folks who originally built the house, & I AM HAPPY that they were kind enough to tell me where the water lines were buried, who had originally installed them, etc.  I AM HAPPY that when I called one of the men who installed the original water lines, he was amazingly helpful.  Not only did he talk to me about the problem, but he stopped at the house that same afternoon to walk the yard with me, as well as calling the water company on my behalf to find out what was going on.  And he called the other guy who had been involved in laying the original water lines to ask if he’d come out to help.  Can you even believe that?!  I thought I’d be on the phone for days trying to gather information & find someone to fix the leak, etc., etc.  But he took care of 90% of that for me, for which I could not be more grateful! :woohoo:  And I AM HAPPY that the “other guy” the first guy had called simply showed up the next morning to check things out.  He & his brother did as much as they could by walking the yard & looking around, then said they’d be back in a few days with the backhoe to get to work.  And they were. Wow.  Just wow.

Everything is taken care of now, with only a few lines of upturned dirt in the yard to prove they were ever here.  And that makes me HAPPY times 10. :bounce:

How about you?  What’s got you humming a happy tune this week or putting a smile on your face?  Let us know so we can celebrate with you! :jump:


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  1. Kathleen O says:

    We do not give the “Good” people of the world enough credit. My aunt had a similar story with a guy who is fixing her troughs on the house.
    My week has been busy and am working with Diabetic dietitian to get my blood sugar stable. It’s up and down like an elevator. Have sugar, don’t’ have sugar.. Nothing is ever normal with me. But life still goes on and I don’t let it get to me too much. :coffee: or in my case Tea will fix everything.

    Today I am off to a Scottish Tattoo festival in town and will hear the Bagpipes and tap my toes to some good Scottish music which put a :bounce: in my week.

    Have a great week.

    • Heidi says:

      I love the serendipity of the right people coming into our lives just when we need them. Glad your aunt’s had that sort of luck, too. :angel:

      Sorry you’re having so much trouble regulating your sugar—I have a friend going thru the same thing. She tried a special “fasting” diet that seemed to work & that she liked for a while. I don’t know if she’s doing it anymore, tho, & I’m not suggesting you just start fasting! :umbrella: But if you’re at all interested, I can ask her for the specifics.

      Enjoy the Scottish festival. Must admit, that sounds like great fun. Kilts, tattoos, fine Scottish lads… :jump:

  2. leeannlovingthebooks says:

    I don’t have anything as cool as that but I did however find kitchen curtains that I actually like, in the size I need them. Also my husband told me today to go look for a new washer to replace our “washer from HELL” so I am psyched about that 🙂
    Have a wonderful week everyone <3 :bounce:

    • Heidi says:

      I think a new washing machine sounds like great fun! I just love new toys to play with. :bounce:

      Just be sure you recycle the old one :rake: …& let me know what the new one is like. I may have to drop in to play with it a bit myself. :blow:

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