Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday, everyone! Have you had a good week?  I certainly hope so!  Better than good, in fact; I’d be delighted to hear you had a fabulous week. img23

So make a list & get ready to tell us what you’re happy about & thankful for this very moment. img19

As for me, I AM HAPPY that I’m only moving a short distance away.  I can’t imagine having to pack in an organized fashion, making sure boxes are marked Kitchen, Living Room, Bathroom…  Making sure items—especially glass & such—are wrapped in paper or bubble wrap.  As hard as this has been, I know it’s significantly easier that I can toss whatever I want into a box & haul it off.  That I can pack glassware & just be careful with it instead of worrying the movers will destroy it.  If I had to do all of this with the knowledge that others would be touching & carrying & possibly damaging my stuff, I honestly think I’d be in a straightjacket by now. img26

I AM HAPPY, too, that I’m under no intense pressure to be packed & moved by a certain deadline.  Yes, I want to get this done & be moved as soon as possible, but it’s not like I’m starting a new job in a new city first thing Monday morning & have to be moved out & re-settled before that happens. img14

I AM HAPPY to have The Dungeon sidebar updated.  Did you notice? img42  This time, it’s all about packing to move.  And, um…hoarding.  Because if there’s one thing I’m learning during all of this, it’s that I have waaaaaaaay too many slipper socks…& coffee mugs…& office supplies…& lip balms…& cat blankets…& not-yet-written-in journals…& books—have I mentioned my massive TBR collection? img34

So I hope you enjoy…even if it means a few—or more than a few—chuckles at my expense. img36

And finally, I AM HAPPY that I was lucky enough to see two deer this week…exactly when & where I needed to see them! img25

One was at the new house—a beautiful fawn that still had its spots—in the front side yard.  I think it may have even been sleeping beneath the tree there, since the grass was padded down a bit.  It ran when it heard the car img10 but hopefully it will come back & even get used to having us around so it won’t run off so quickly next time. img32

The second was in the backyard of the old (read: current) house, under the apple trees my dad planted years ago.  We’ve never seen deer here before, & the trees have only started growing good-size apples in the past few years, & this one—not huge, but larger than the fawn & without any spots—was eating them off the ground.

This makes me so happy.  Deer are a sign of kindness; a reminder to be kind & gentle with all living things.  And one of the things I was hoping for most at the new house is that we’d see a bit of wildlife—especially deer.  The deer down back…well, I think that was Daddy giving me a little nod from Heaven, telling me it’s all good & we’re going to be happy at the new house. img18

So how about you?  What great, wonderful, or just plain happy things have happened to you this week?  I hope there are lots & that you’ll take a minute to share! img44


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  1. Holly says:

    Happy moving!!!! I have never moved and have 55 years worth of stuff of my own, plus all my friend’s stuff since she passed, and all her mom’s and my mom’s stuff. Actually, autumn is coming and then I will start going through everything.

    And with as busy as you are you still make time for all of us. Thanks.

    • Heidi says:

      My stuff isn’t much better, I’d guess. There’s a crazy amount, since…well, see the sidebar. I teeter on the edge of hoarding, I just know it; never mind that it’s author copies of my own books, TBR books, promo stuff, & then the usual stuff you manage to collect as you go thru life. Oy. img10 I never really thought I’d have to move any of it, either, but I’m excited to do it…& will be even more excited to have it DONE! img23

      You’re sweet to thank me for “making time” for you guys here img32 but trust me—after all the other stuff, it’s a lovely reprieve to retire to The Dungeon for a bit. img15

      I’m just grateful of your understanding when it comes to being slow with the new releases. Can’t wait to be all moved & settled in so I can get back to WRITING instead of packing. img39

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