a Xmas wish list

Christmas is only one short week away, & I’m just now starting to give some thought to what I’d like to find under the tree Christmas morning :tree :

Well, a girl can dream, anyway. :reindeer

And there really are some things I’d like, if Santa could see fit to drop them down the chimney. :santa

Like more DVDs to add to my collection…

Season 3 of Flashpoint

the complete Supernatural series  (I may have been late jumping on the Sam & Dean bandwagon, but am now thoroughly addicted)

Tangled  (My new uber-fave; I cannot get enough!)

The Princess & the Frog

The A-Team


House of Wax

Angels & Demons (Ditto what I said about Tangled; I can’t seem to get enough of both this & The Da Vinci Code—but I’ve already got Code on DVD,of course. :pumpkin )

The soundtrack of Tangled, too, please.  (I want to sing along to “Mother Knows Best”. )

A new Dream House might be nice.  I am kinda shopping around.  But it will have to be a really good Dream House to make it worth packing up all my junk & actually relocating.

And as long as we’re at it, add a team of brawny Hire-a-Hunk movers to the list to help with all that packing & moving, thankyouverymuch.

How about my very first e-reader?  A Kindle … a Nook … a Kindle Fire … a Nook Smoke … well, whatever.  I don’t have one, know nothing about them, & never actually thought I’d want one.  But I’m becoming more & more convinced that it’s time to dip my toes into the twenty-first (?) century, & that I don’t just want one, but need one.

And then there are some things I didn’t even know existed, but suddenly realize are Must-Haves, if only because they amuse me.

How about these great Big Bang Theory buttons:

I’m not even sure what this is, but it’s cute & says “Naughty” so I’m sure it’s meant to be mine:

The perfect gift for any writer—a keyboard handbag (I would totally use it, too!):

The perfect gift for the pirate in all of us—a giant octopus (or squid, perhaps) chair, a la Pirates of the Caribbean (I could rule more than just the Seven Seas in this thing! Mwhahahaha!):

Or a throne worthy of Mistress Heidi herself:

And of course a Sexy Santa shower curtain to complete the look:

Oh, yes, I want it all & I want it right now! :booby

How about you…what’s on your Christmas list? :xmas


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  1. Jessica Lemmon says:

    Too funny! I just posted silly gift ideas on my blog today, too! Though, your Mistress Heidi throne is far funner than my inflatable turkey. :gobble

    • Heidi says:

      LOL The closer Xmas gets, the more we starting thinking “Me me me me me!” I guess, huh?

      And wait till you see tomorrow’s list…I think you’ll be equally—or even more—amused. :icecube

  2. Kathleen O says:

    Ah I want your first pick under my :tree on Chriatmas morning too… Only I am staying at my brother’s house on Christmas eve and I might have to fight my SIL in for him… :reindeer2

    You will love season 3 of Flashpoint.. one of my fav TV series..becasue it is shot in the city I grew up in.. yep it’s Toronto…

    I already received my 40″ Flat screen TV for Chrismtas, and I want a Blueray DVD player to go with it…
    I was a nice/naughty girl this year…so Santa Baby…please bring me my wish… :candycane

  3. Heidi says:

    I love Flashpoint, too! I’m a little behind now that it’s moved to ION…I want to see them in order & they play so many, I’ve gotten confused. But I keep recording them all & need to catch up soon! But I hope it stays on for a really long time & definitely intend to get all the seasons on DVD. :reindeer2

    Sounds like you already got some great stuff for Xmas—congrats! I’m not expecting much, maybe because I haven’t shopped much yet, either. It’s a slow, kinda laid-back holiday on my end of the North Pole. :tree

    • Kathleen O says:

      I just finished watching the end of the 4th Season… It was a real cliffhanger….I am sure all your loved ones realize you have been under the weather and shopping was not at the top of your list…And Christmas comes every year, so not to worry….Do what you can, not what you must… :cheers

  4. Laura J. says:

    I don’t want much (although…I’m gonna have to add those BBT buttons, now). The only thing I really want is a heated toilet seat! Yikes, it’s cold in the morning on my poor little bottom and when momma’s butt is cold…everyone is going to hear about it!!!! :butt

  5. carole says:

    Merry Christmas! I’d like a kindle or a nook but I know I won’t be getting anything I ask for so i don’t bother telling anyone..which at the moment I only have my 2 kids…which would be nice to have a good-looking guy but thats asking for too much…You have a hunk…loved the movie Fast Five..I want to add that to my Fast and Furious collection…I just want to see my cousin and his 2 friends that have been fighting this war thats been going on too long…so I’m hoping they come here for christmas since my cousin is like a brother and he doesn’t have any other family but my dad and so are his 2 friends. Merry Christmas…hope you get what you want and more…

  6. Mary Kirkland says:

    I just want gift cards so I can buy more books! lol I’m rather easy to please. :icecube

  7. Steph from fangswandsandfairydust.com says:

    I used that graphic last year for the holidays on the Cute thing with “naughty” on it.

    The octo chair is for Gail Carriger, or someone ate too much octo yesterday.

    The keyboard bag reminds me of the domino/mah-jong tile bags.

    Thanks for sharing this funny list!

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