what do you mean, no food?

Last week, all (but one) of The Kittehs had teeth cleanings scheduled. Unfortunately, they couldn’t all be done on the same day, so it was back & forth, back & forth. And almost every night—four total—I had to pick up all of the food & water at 8pm. (Because if one of them can’t have any, then none of them can have any, y’know? :burger: )

So basically, my week went something like this:

Starting at 8p.m…

Around 9pm…

All. Night. Long.

I go to bed & try to sleep, but…

First thing the next morning, after an entire night of apologizing & promising The Kittehs they could have food just as soon as the one going to the vet was taken care of…

And finally, after once again eating their fill…

Which is why I pretty much spent the weekend like this…

(I don’t know what The Kittehs did, but at least they did it with clean teeth! :peace: )


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  1. Mary Kirkland says:

    Glad to hear you got through that week. Poor kittehs.


    • Heidi Betts says:

      Poor kittehs? Poor me! :aargh:

      LOL Just kidding. Yes, it was quite rough & traumatizing for them. Thankfully, they’re done now—hopefully for a good, long while. :hammock:

  2. Mina Gerhart says:

    Been there, LOVE the pictures

    • Heidi says:

      :rollercoaster: So glad. They kind of crack me up, because I can SO relate after last week’s events. :pool:

  3. Dee says:

    I am glad they got through it ok. (And without a mutiny too)

    • Heidi says:

      Well, Harley fought the good fight to not go in the carrier on Friday, but that’s because he had to go thru all of that on Monday—only to be sent home because the vet’s office had screwed up the scheduling. (Yes, I still maintain it was their mistake, not mine. Trust me, I don’t mess up on these things; it’s way too traumatic to mess up. :aargh: )

      But they did great & are all recovered, thank goodness. And I think I might almost be caught up on my own lack of sleep. Almost. :shark:

  4. MSusan says:

    I am still snorting laughing!……!beyond accurate…been there…. The best ones? ” haven’t eaten in 5 min” and the poem!! They give you that wtf look, over and over and over..standing on your chest, the perfect position where they are the heaviest, staring at you at …4:50 am.ie.no discussion.FOOD NOW. Oh oh oh the one hanging the head thru the blinds( damn human). On target!! No sleep but we love them still to pieces. Life with multiple cats….always with a ringleader! You look around and say to yourself,” no one would believe me”.

    Perfect set up for fat reserve of humor….for when… THIS HAPPENS………ooooo DNC started here (way across other side of city, sports complex) 4 hrs ago and electric out CITYWIDE

    Sh*t, Sh#t, Sh*t scarey storms, worse than fireworks and loud crack thunder..dewpoint= 76!!! Temp at 90 dangerous weather…..no a/c and not even a fan.NO ELECTRIC!!! ??? Dinner not cooked enough.damn?? what ??wet towels and wet bathing suit. So spoiled a/c.giant alert hazard warnings.flash flooding til 11:15pm on this, my phone. Mon novena mass cancelled??huh? Church candles, no??

    Thank you for this…can’t wait to share with other fur parents and rescuers!

    • Heidi says:

      So glad you enjoyed the funnies! :hulagirl: And you are so right about life with multiple kittehs…& always a ringleader…& going without food for **five whole minutes!!!**…& no one believing half of what they do. :lolol:

      We got a bit of a storm here, too, but not nearly as bad as we’d expected. (Knock on wood!) We attend down the hatches & everything, & frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if we get hit again. Thunder, lightning, pouring down rain…but also the heat & humidity of a South American rainforest. WTF??? :sohot: :sohot: :sohot:

      Share away! We love new visitors to The Dungeon, & animal lovers/rescuers are especially welcome. :happysummer:

  5. Kathy says:

    Poor kittehs, so happy for them the ordeal is over :peace:

    I love the memes ?

    • Heidi Betts says:

      We are, too! :sohot: Not exactly sure what possessed me to schedule cleaning for all of them the same week, except that I just wanted it DONE…& also wanted to be able to remember that they’d all be done at the same time, so no scratching my head later wondering how long it had been for each individual cat. :aargh:

      So glad you enjoyed the pics. Cat pics on the internet…what would we do without them? :lolol:

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