time to get scoped

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With my knee surgery scheduled for Wednesday & a pre-op appointment today, I may not be around The Dungeon much this week.

I’ll try to pop in, of course, but I don’t know how time-consuming all of this is going to end up being, or how I’ll feel after the actual procedure.  (They say I’ll be up & walking around, but never mentioned how woozy I’ll be from the anesthesia. :dizzy: )

I’ve already got our regular Happy Hunk Day, Friday FunniesSexy Fail Saturday, & Happy Sunday posts scheduled, so no worries there. :swing:

But Mistress Heidi is still in charge while I’m away, so don’t do anything around here that she wouldn’t approve of. :devil:   :cuffs:

(It’s my right leg!  Dear God, my right leg!)

And before you know it, I’ll be back & better than ever!  Although the doctors have already broken the news that I will probably not qualify as “Bionic” when they’re finished. :gum:


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  1. MSusan says:

    Woozy from anesthesia?? And…nauseous?

    These funnies, the best…on the mark,the knee, the knee..good luck,easy peasy.

    The b&w kitty? Uhhhh a) may be objecting to YOUR new arrival to the neighborhood & all the new kitteh smells…b) your week off?? 30min before his eta ,sit on ground, his level, /food you touched 10 ft away/ ice on knee, flashlite and the book of the nite TO READ OUT LOUD to him c) he may lay near the food and listen and smelll and……relax….and stop spraying

    This was a last resort 10 yrs ago and HE turned out to be one of my treasures. Even growls at strangers…more like a dog than any cat….likes and cares all the others??? Not scaredy anymore.

  2. Heidi Betts says:

    Yeah, waking up after surgery is the worst for me. :dizzy: But I’ll be fine—I always am, plus I’ve got a great doc. :situp:

    That’s exactly what I’m doing with the stray. I have a feeling he’ll be a sweetheart once he realizes I mean him no harm. Chances are, he was played with as a kitten, then dumped/ignored…& everywhere he’s gone since, he’s been run off. :tears: He’s letting me get closer each time, so I suspect we’ll be best of friends soon enough.

    How The Kittehs respond will be a different story. But I think if I can get the stray neutered ASAP, he’ll be okay. :cuckoo:

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