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Remember this scene between Vector & the little orphan girls from Despicable Me…?

“Why are you wearing pajamas?”

“These aren’t pajamas!  This is a warm-up suit.”

“What are you warming up for?”


“What sort of stuff?”

“Super-cool stuff—you wouldn’t understand.”

“Like sleeping?”

“They are not pajamas!”

Well, that’s totally me.  I run around in not-pajamas all the time.  Madame Mommy Dearest calls them my “work clothes”…& she’s right—they totally are.  I don’t know how I’d manage to write if I weren’t comfortable.

And just because most people don’t understand that doesn’t make it any less true. :may24


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  1. Donna A says:

    I LOVE that movie!

    My DH just retired and it seems like he is living in his jammies. He claims they are the most comfortable clothes he owns and if he isn’t leaving the house who cares?

    • Heidi says:

      Me, too! I watch it every chance I get. Still haven’t see “Despicable Me 2,” tho, but I can’t wait to! :may35

      Your hubby is right! When MMD retired, she swore “No more pantyhose ever!” because she’d worn them every day for 30yrs. I say if you’re in your own house & have no plans to go anywhere, why not be as comfy as possible? And if someone drops by, it’s their own fault for catching you in your jammies because they didn’t have the decency to call first. :may23

  2. Kathleen O says:

    I have never seen it.. But I have those ‘kind’ of clothes too… I have an old pair of workout pants that I live in when I am just haning out at home.. And I have favourite sweatshirt when it’s cold and then in nice weather I wear a Tshirt.. I love it it now that the weather is so lovely and I can wear my flip flops too..

    • Heidi says:

      Oh, Kathleen, “Despicable Me” is so good! Sweet & funny & just the best! Definitely see it if you can.

      A lot of my pajamas do look like tees & sweats or yoga pants, which is nice; I can run out for the paper or to feed the birds without feeling like the neighbors will see me in my scanties. Of course, when it’s super hot & humid like it’s been this week, I go ahead & go out in my scanties; they can kiss my sweaty white butt if they don’t like it. :may32

      I’m in flip-flops these days, too. I hardly ever wear shoes; even in the winter it’s slipper socks around the house. :may21

  3. Barbie Pomales says:

    I dream of a life like that

    • Heidi says:

      LOL If you shop very carefully, you can do it. I’ve got pjs that I can run to the store in. Sure, I look very casual doing it, but I also look like I’m actually dressed. :mat27

  4. Mary Kirkland says:

    Sometimes you just have to wear the jammies.

    • Heidi says:

      Heh-heh. Always, if I can swing it. I honestly hate having to find “real” clothes that fit & match & all that fun stuff.

      But I will say this: I have not yet graduated to velour track suits like Vector. *whew* :may24

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