So a week or so ago, while I was searching for foreign copy covers of my Harlequin Desires to include in my Fans of Heidi Betts Facebook book giveaway, I ran across a bunch of other foreign release covers even I didn’t know about! :may11

(Love these new covers for the “Chicks with Sticks” series…maybe even more than the originals! :may2 )

(Look!  Reid & Juliet have heads! :may35 )

(I have no idea what this is; I’ve never thought any of my Desires was worthy of a corset cover, but I still love it!  Two versions, too—pink & black.  Ooh-la-la.)

What do you think?  Which of these covers do you think are even better than the original North American Harlequin Desire versions…& which do you think aren’t nearly as good? :may8