the Sheldon in me

As you know, I’ve been sick this week with The Crud—a.k.a. a nasty, despicable cold. :angryhearts   And the one thing I’ve discovered during all of this is that being sick definitely brings out the Sheldon Cooper in me.

1.)  It started with “Leonard! I’m sick!” the morning I woke up & realized that what I thought was just a nasty sinus flare-up was definitely a cold.

2.)  Then someone on Facebook suggested I try a little Vicks Vaporub to help me breathe better.  To which I actually replied, “That’s a good idea, but I’d need someone to rub it on my chest in a counterclockwise motion, otherwise my chest hair mats.”

(This is how rumors get started, by the way—I do not actually have hair on my chest, & I don’t want to hear through the grapevine that I do! :animenope )

3.)  It wasn’t long before I was whining that there was nothing cold-appropriate in the house, & in addition to imitation mashed potatoes, I said on many occasions, “I want soup.”

I never got it, because I neither have a Cheesecake Factory or a place that delivers near me, but I really did want some good, old-fashioned chicken noodle.

4.)  I totally wouldn’t have minded if somebody stroked my hair & sang “Soft Kitty,” either…

5.) I totally know how Sheldon felt when he called, “Leonard, my comforter fell down, and my sinuses hurt when I bend over. Leonard? (Bends to get phone) Ow!”  The first time I bent over to pick something up, I said “Ow!” too.

6.)  And finally, many, many times while I’ve been sick, I’ve muttered, “I just don’t understand how this happened to me. I’m scrupulous about my hygiene. I regularly disinfect my hands, and I avoid contact with other people on general principle.”  Seriously, I’ve left the house once all month & this is what happens!

So how about the rest of you?  I know some of you have recently been—or are currently—sick, as well…& we’ve all been sick at one point or another.  (Damn stinking germs! :pigbat )  Does being sick bring out any Sheldon-esque tendencies in you?


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  1. Donna A says:

    Hope you are feeling better. In my house it is my husband who plays Sheldon. As a matter of fact when we saw that episode he was distressed by how funny I found it. He could totally relate.


    • Heidi says:

      I have a lot of moments like that while watching The Big Bang Theory, especially where Sheldon is concerned. :animpeekaboo

      This time around, tho, I’m not entirely which came first—the show or my reactions to having a cold. :loveslap

    • Cindy Rushford says:

      lolololol :animaprincess

  2. Ana Carolina says:


    My husband and I love watching The Big Bang Theory!

    My son has a Bazinga! T-shirt!

    I hope you are better now!

    Best wishes!

    • Heidi says:

      It’s the best! Love it when Sheldon says “Bazinga!” too. :animlaughing

      I want a Soft Kitty tee or sleepshirt & a plush doll. One of these days… :lovecat

  3. Mary Kirkland says:

    I very much understand what you’re going through. I don’t go outside and am not around many people because of my Agoraphobia. So you would think that I don’t come into contact with many germs…but Au Contraire, you see my family go outside, are around others with germs and bring them back to me! Even though they wash their hands, use hand sanitizer and stay away when they think they have a cold…this time my grandson had the sniffles and I held him before anyone told me he had the ‘sniffles’ so by the time I was already too late and i got the cold he had. grrr

    • Cindy Rushford says:

      I hear that Mary I too am homeward bound. I have been out of my house twice in two years. I get sick but only when Ken or my niece or someone brings the bugs in. I am struggling with sinus and cold issues at the moment so Heidi I do sympathize with u and yes chicken noodle soup and or bouillon and 7 up is what I go to when ill.
      Get well . Mary hope no one brings any bugs in any time soon.
      :buttwiggle :waivingsnowman STAY WARM IT IS FRIGID HERE.

    • Heidi says:

      I’m with you guys—I call those who bring germs to me “Carriers.” Plus, not going out on a regular basis & coming into contact with others tends to lower one’s immunity to the “germ of the week.”

      Ironically, I’m not much of a germaphobe. Oh, I hate getting sick & will avoid folks who are coughing/sneezing/sniffling like the plague, but I don’t need to wash my hands 1000xs a day for no particular reason or avoid shaking hands. :animwashing And when it comes to foods with questionable expirations…I must have an iron stomach cuz I almost never get sick from gray orange juice or iffy milk. LOL :animwashing

  4. Brooke C says:

    I guess I can get a bit Sheldony when I’m sick. But I generally end up singing Soft Kitty to myself when I’m sick, since I haven’t been able to convince anyone else to sing it to me. I need a Soft Kitty t-shirt so badly :lovecat

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