the devil’s in the blue dress

PhotobucketSo I’m about three-quarters through my current work-in-progress for Harlequin Desire, tentatively titled A Baby in the Billionaire’s Boardroom.  I’m pretty sure that will change, but it sure does a good job of summing up the crux of the story, doesn’t it? :winkwink

But I had to stop in the middle of a scene the other day because I just couldn’t picture my heroine’s evening gown well enough to describe it.  And where does a savvy author such as myself turn when she needs to do a bit of research?  Why, the internet, of course! :peekaboo

For the record, there are way too many pretty-pretty dresses out there.  But here are some that caught my eye:

Finally, though, I settled on this one:

Partly because it’s gorgeous & sexy, & partly because I need to leave lots of room to showcase the jewelry my heroine will be wearing at her neck, ears, hand, & wrist. :cuffs

So what do you think?  Did I make the right choice, or do you like one of the other dresses better?


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  1. Debra G says:

    I think it is perfect. I love it. There were two others I like but that one I liked the best. Great choice

    • Heidi says:

      Which two were your other faves? I really would like to know…I mean, I may end up putting my next heroine in a gorgeous blue dress, too. :winkwink

  2. Kathleen O says:

    Good choice, but I love dress number 3, as it is one of my fav colours.. I could never where that form fitting a dress, but the colour would look great on me…

  3. Shannon says:

    If the heroine is going to be wearing lots of jewelry then it is the perfect choice. The others are too blingy to wear much jewelry with them.

  4. Irene says:

    The second dress…the simplicity draws attention to the wearer. The color is magnificent.

    • Heidi says:

      I actually really like that one, too, but think the straps w/ the necklace my heroine is wearing would end up looking to crowded. It is *so* hard to choose, tho! :oops

  5. LeeAnn Pratt says:

    I think it is a great choice too. My other favs are 2nd and 6th one…don’t care for the 5th one…seems too bulky? :winkwink

  6. Karla says:

    I like number 4… I love how the sides are all bunched together and it’s just utterly sexy.. now I wish I had another prom to go to.. lol.

  7. Rhonda says:

    My absolute favorite is the first one, followed by the 6th one. The 6th one is very similar in style to the one that you picked but I like the other material better.

  8. Katherine says:

    Oh, I love Dress # 2, 6 & 7 … if you have a blue eyed heroine her eyes will pop! … #6 if your heroine is perky and innocent …. #2 & #7 if your heroine has a sexy streak

    Those are the more elegant, I think .. or maybe it’s because the models have long hair and that just looks stunning over bare shoulders

    • Heidi says:

      Guess what? My heroine’s eyes *are* blue! In fact, as I’m describing what she’s wearing, I mention how well the dress matches her eyes. :peekaboo

  9. Tamara Hoffa says:

    I think you chose perfectly! I like some of the others, dress 1 for instance, for a young girls prom, but doesn’t have the senual appeal. I think one shoulder gowns are Fabulous!

  10. Mary Kirkland says:

    I love the one you choose and I also liked the one right above that one. Either one would be great if showcasing a lot of pretty jewelry.

  11. Hayda Hakim says:

    i like the last 1 is all about show casing long legs and small waist …in my opinion

  12. Heidi says:

    This is so much fun! I’m so glad you’re all having so much fun with this. (Wait till next week when I ask you to help me pick celebrity inspirations for my hero & heroine. :blowkiss )

    My fave, I think, is actually #5. Mostly because I like the uniqueness of the bodice. But there’s no room to showcase my heroine’s jewelry.

    And perhaps I should mention that this book is all about the jewelry. Hero owns a jewelry design company & heroine used to sketch designs of her own. The benefit they’re attending is to showcase some of the hero’s company’s latest pieces, & the heroine is wearing the best & brightest. :jumping

  13. Laura J. says:

    1. Too Promish.
    2. Pretty
    3 & 4 NO
    5. Like (but the model doesn’t do it justice. I can see her hip bone sticking out! ugh!)
    6. Like (and yet it does look similar to #7, but also more Promish)
    7. Beautiful! I want one!! And like I said about #6 this is the more grown up version.

    I LOVE the blue color for the choice though.

    I can’t wait to see who you come up with the Hero. I already have my choice in mind. :cuffs :muahaha

  14. Ann says:

    Love the last two!

  15. Hollie says:

    Gorgeous dresses!! My favorite color too! Great choice! :jumping

  16. Heidi says:

    Since the heroine’s eyes are blue, I thought a nice sapphire blue gown would be perfect. Also have to admit, I’m hoping I can get them to put her in this dress on the cover. And the hero in a tux. *yum* So I’ve got lotsa pics to prompt them w/, right? :winkwink

    • Laura J. says:

      Bradley and I would be honored to pose on the cover for you! He looks great in (and out of) a tux and I’ve got blue eyes and would look fantastic in this dress. :blowkiss

  17. Fedora says:

    Ooh, that is one gorgeous collection of blue gowns, Heidi! My favorite is probably #2–I like the simplicity along with the little straps 🙂

  18. Colleen C. says:

    I like your choice and the 2nd dress also…

  19. Cindy Rushford says:

    :blowkiss :VDay Well Heidi there were three of them I would have had a hard time choosing from , I think you hit the jack-pot. 🙂 :jumping

  20. Bonia says:

    I LOVE the first one, and the last 2! I think you picked the perfect one if she’s going to be wearing lots of jewelry! Gorgeous dresses!

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