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PhotobucketA great new review for ON THE VERGE OF I DO!

Very good book. I could see in the earlier books that the relationship between Eli and Laurel wasn’t the strongest, so the end of their engagement wasn’t a surprise. It was something of a surprise to me that Eli fixated on Kara so quickly, but he was surprised by the flare of attraction he felt that night he went to her house. Once he realized that the feelings he had for Kara were far stronger than those he had felt for Laurel, he set out to convince her that they belonged together. He had some great ways to do it (besides the obvious) and I loved their picnic on the beach. Kara had been in love with Eli for years, and wasn’t convinced that his pursuit of her wasn’t just some sort of rebound thing. I loved the ending when she went to him at the park, and again at the dinner with her family. I’m really looking forward to the next two books in the series – I think I know who the bad guy is, but I’m not positive.

Thank you so much to Susan of Susan’s 2012 Reading List for this great reader review of Kara & Eli’s story! :eeee

And of course you can read the full review (which is just a tad longer) at Susan’s blog.


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  1. Jane says:

    Yay. :grin Congrats on the rave review. :thumbsup I also love the new emoticons, especially those of Patrick. :patrick3 :patrick2

    • Heidi says:

      Thanks, Jane! And you’re the first Darling to pop in & comment, which means you win the Golden Halo for the day. Think you can be good for that long? :angel

  2. Laura J. says:

    :yawn :patrick3 :patrick2 :thumbsup :slamdesk :scratchhead :happysad :roadrunner :patrick4 :evilmonkey :nowait :lolol :howyoudoin :hotstuff :happysun :eeee :adevil2 :devil :cool :cool :chickendance :cheer :bubble :bed :angel :Cukoo

    Why? Because I can!!!! Hahahahahaha I LOVE the emoticons/smileys!!!!! Oh I’m gonna have some fun with these. :howyoudoin

    Now back to your actual post :cool I’m not surprised this book is getting good reviews, cause it’s a DANG good book!!!!!

    As I have told you before you break the norms in the current writing world especially with your heros and that is something I like very much!! I want to see the guy not afraid of commitment, I want to see a couple figure out they really do belong together (Jenna/Gage). I want to see a couple have it all and then lose it only to find their way back to each other (Grace and Zack).

    You are also funny and I well I like funny books! I read to escape and laughing just seems to be the perfect antidote to anything that life throws at us that makes us crazy. People have asked me why I prefer that and it’s because there is enough suspense just watching the local news. It’s depressing and I want laughter and smiles.

    Now…please go fix yourself a cherry bomb drink (X2 on the Red Bull) and write some more good stuff!!! :thumbsup (just kidding—I’ll let you take a little time to re-group since you just finished one. :cool )

    • Heidi says:

      I’m going to go out on a limb & say Darling Laura likes the new emoties. That’s just a guess, tho, I can’t be positive. :bubble

      I’m glad you enjoyed I DO, too, & will certainly endeavor to drink some Cherry Bombs & write something super-funny for you. :Cukoo

      Actually, I think you should send me that Cherry Bomb recipe. Exact measurements kind of thing, since I’m goofy about getting that stuff just right. And they *do* taste of cherry, right? Cuz I like that. :cool

      • Laura J says:

        I’ll see if I can get one. Not only should they help with writing, but they make ghost tours/hunts fun too!! :cool

        I’m not a huge fan of Red Bull but I couldn’t really taste that at all. It did have more of a cherry flavor (at first kind of like cherry cough syrup but that kind of mediciny taste was gone after a sip or two and it was so good).

  3. Heidi says:

    RE: Cherry Bombs (cuz we used up all the reply space. :howyoudoin )

    I don’t like cough syrup flavor, BUT I used to use those Luden’s cherry cough drops all the time & loved them, so it’s a fine line. I’d definitely try one of these.

    Did it keep you up, like, FOREVER, tho? I’ll have to drink it when I actually need a boost & not when I’m trying to relax, if that’s the case.

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