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Entangled Publishing

From owner/publisher Elizabeth Pelletier, to my editor Alycia Tornetta, to the Art, Marketing, and Publicity Departments, each and every member of Entangled Publishing works hard to put my books into the prettiest packages they can and get them into the hands of readers around the world!

Any questions about publishing or film rights to my Entangled titles should be addressed to:  ???

Kim Rozzell-Miller of Author’s Umbrella

Fun, brilliant, and a bottomless well of creativity, Kim is in charge of my brand and promotions, keeping my name in front of readers and casting men the best light possible.

Questions concerning promotion of any kind (promotional items, interviews, blog tours, virtual signings, review requests, author/reader activities, etc.) should be sent to: (Please put “Heidi Betts request” in the subject line to catch her attention.)

Karenne McConkie of  Coffee Time Romance

Karenne is the glue that holds my website together.  I ask, and she delivers.  Maintaining the every day running of and (the blog—a.k.a. The Dungeon) is her specialty, but she also excels at swapping out my page headers and the blog emojis with the seasons.

For any questions or issues related to this website, please contact her at:  (Use “” in the subject line.)

Fantasia Frog Designs

Don’t bother her with website issues (she won’t know anything about it ;)) but if you love the webpages and blog headers, as well as much of the rest of the site’s design, you can certainly address your kudos to Tara at Fantasia Frog.  And the best part is that she not only gets my fun, quirky style, but she’s as patient as a saint when it comes to putting up with my myriad tweaks and changes.

This would be you.  YOU, my wonderful READERS!!!

YOU can be a part of Team Heidi in so many ways!

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