so you want to be a Street Walker

Bet your high school counselor didn’t tell you that was a career option, huh?  But you’re in The Dungeon now…you can be anything you want to be & shake your moneymaker any way you like. :showgirl

And with the release of MUST LOVE VAMPIRES just around the corner, I need more Street Walkers than ever to help me get the word out!

What’s a Street Walker? you might be wondering.

Well, a Heidi Betts Street Walker is someone who loves books—especially my books!—& is willing to talk them up everywhere she goes.  Online, on blogs & reader loops.  Amongst your group of romance-reading friends.  And in the world, anywhere that books—especially my books!—are sold.

To help you with The Mission, I will send you The Weaponsbookmarks, shelf-talkers, & great read stickers!  With these, you can go around to your local bookstores & hand them out to your friends.  We even have a Heidi Betts’s Street Walkers YahooGroup that you can sign up for by contacting Darling Laura J. (hb.streetteam @ yahoo . com OR ctgmom @ insightbb . com—no spaces, of course).  Once she’s verified that you’re a real person & interested in helping to pimp my books instead of simply pick up a hooker *vbg* you can chat with other Street Walkers about how to best use the promotional items & share creative ideas for getting the word out about MUST LOVE VAMPIRES! :batmoon

And in case being a Heidi Betts Street Walker & receiving fabulous promotional materials for my releases isn’t enough, I’ll sweeten the pot even more—literally.  Each time I send out Street Team goodies, I include a very special gift as a thank-you to my wonderful, wonderful Street Walkers.  This time, it will be delicious chocolate playing cards that are not only yummy, but go perfectly with my wonderful little vampires-in-Vegas story. :drinkonme

So if you’re willing to join the team & become an awesome, fang-some Street Walker, please contact me OR Darling Laura (hb.streetteam @ yahoo . com or ctgmom @ insightbb . com—no spaces).  Put something like “I want to be a STREET WALKER!” in the subject line so it will stand out, & then let us know how many of each promotional item you think you can use—bookmarks, shelf-talkers, & stickers!

If you’re not sure how many of each you’ll need, let us know.  We’ll try to figure out how many people/places you’ll be pimping to & how best they can be used.

And if you have questions about anything else, ask them here!  Darling Laura & I—& possibly a few other current Street Walkers who are hanging out here today—will be happy to answer them!  You can also check out the FAQ page on the Street Walkers site.


If you are already a Street Walker, please contact me or Darling Laura (hb.streetteam @ yahoo . com or ctgmom @ insightbb . com—no spaces) to let us know how many of each promotional item you can use this time around—bookmarks, shelf-talkers, & stickers.  We have your numbers from last time, of course, but things change, so we like to get updated information each time, just to be safe.

Thank you so much, everybody!  Together, we can make MUST LOVE VAMPIRES an overnight sensation! :elvis


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  1. Hollie says:

    Ok…my golden lame-d heinie is here!!
    golden lame…..check
    high heels polished…..check
    sassy attitude…..check
    alrighty then….bring on the pimping!!! :bat

    • Heidi says:

      Whoo-hoo! If you haven’t already contacted Darling Laura, we’ll be in touch to get updated quantity #s from you & such. Cuz I *know* you were out there working it for me last time around. :dancer

      Thanks bunches!

  2. Mary Kirkland says:

    Oh, I see what it is now. Sounds like a lot of fun but probably not right for me to sign up since I don’t get out of my apartment that often due to a disability and Osteoarthritis in my knee’s. I do send out bookmarks to people on my blog at times, so I would like to get some bookmarks to send out if that’s possible?

    • Heidi says:

      See, Mary, being a Street Walker can be fun! And I have it on good authority that *our* Huggy Bear pimp won’t beat you down & take all your money at the end of the night. :lol

      And sure you can get some bookmarks to send to friends & fellow readers/bloggers! Contact Laura J. with your name & addy & let her know how many you think you can use. We’ll let you be a stay-at-home madame kinds Street Walker. :show

      • Mary Kirkland says:

        Thanks. I just sent an email 🙂

        I just sent out a bunch of bookmarks to some of my blog followers and friends on fb last week. I have a huge collection of bookmarks because I like them…lol and I like to share sometimes..

  3. Kathi Robb Harris says:

    Count ( Dracula) me in! I love to help other authors.

    I have a lot of bookstores in my area and already hand out bookmarks at them and to people I meet…. along with my own of course! LOL.

    My other friends usually send me 20 to 50 per store and Borders just closed so probably five stores. Let’s start with 100. they won’t be wasted!

    kathi h

  4. SiNn says:

    I sent an email i soo wanna be ya street team again its so fun

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