so this is Christmas

This may seem a little late, but since we haven’t touched on it yet, I thought I’d ask how everybody’s Christmas went. I hope you had a wonderful holiday, filled with love & fun & all the great stuff holiday specials tell us this time of year is really about. :tree

At Casa del Heidi, things were quiet, which is just how I like them.  It gave me a chance to write a little, read a little, & watch all my favorite holiday programming.  This year, I finally got around to watching both Prep & Landing & Prep & Landing: Naughty vs. Nice.  Loved them!  They are definitely being added to the Christmas viewing rotation.

Things were kind of quiet gift-wise, too.  Which is fine…Christmas isn’t really about the presents, right?  They’re just a fun added bonus. :gift   If fact, I’ve still got a pile of wrapped presents sitting here, waiting to be delivered to a friend of mine…we just haven’t gotten together yet.  But that’s okay—it will help make the holiday spirit last a little longer. :candycane

Madame Mommy Dearest did get me the cutest book, though, called Paws for a Moment with God:  Devotions Best Enjoyed in the Company of a Cat.  I’m not uber-religious, so I have to admit I had a silent groan moment when I first saw it.  You know what I’m talking about…that split second when you open a gift you don’t like & have to mentally prepare yourself for the faux Ohmigosh, it’s wonderful—thank you so much, I love it!  Yeah, that. :reindeer   But it really is wonderful & I really do love it! :reindeer2   It’s the cutest thing ever, actually…each page has a poem or quote or story about cats, then a write-up about applying those thoughts & attitudes to your life.  I highly recommend it, if you can find a copy for yourself…especially if you love cats.

She also got me about 15 bags of yogurt-covered raisins because they can be hard to come by & she knows how much I love them.  (Christmas shopping at the grocery store is a time-honored Betts family tradition, thankyouverymuch! :butt )  And I got her new checks because she was down to her last pack.  I know it doesn’t sound like much, but they were freaking expensive.  Especially since the ones she likes best are not only super-cute, but donate money to animal causes.  (Which always costs a little more, but is totally worth it, right? :snowhi )

I also only got one things for The Kittehs this year, when I normally go overboard. But I only buy stuff I think they’ll really enjoy when I see it, & this was all I found that I thought would amuse them—a Snuggle, Scratch, & Rest Bed.  And I was right—they love it!  Fought over it Christmas Day, actually, & now anxiously await taking turns sleeping in it.  Yet another excellent purchase for the kiddos, & I suspect I’ll end up buying a few more before long, just to keep them happy.

And that’s about it.  Believe it or not, as unexciting as all of that sounds, it was a really nice Christmas.  Just enough friends & family to give the season a nice, warm glow…not so many that it made me want to increase that glow by pushing someone into a bonfire, if you know what I mean. :houhoh

My only complaint was that we didn’t get snow this year, so we didn’t have a White Christmas.  We got a light dusting a couple days later, but that just doesn’t count. :snow

So how about you—how was your Christmas?  What did you do?  What did you get?  Who did you see?

However you spent the holiday, I hope it was the very best ever! :xmas


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  1. TamVan says:

    Love the blog! Our dear friend is on his way home today after being offshore for the holiday season, so we have his wrapped gifts waiting for him. Christmas isn’t over until midnight Jan 6th here so still have a couple more days. 😀

    And this might sound stereotypical, but my best Christmas gifts this year were spending time with loved ones and having my parents around for yet another Christmas. That and getting to cook a nice holiday meal that everyone enjoyed.

    Oh, can’t forget another great gift… Winning a signed book from one of my favorite authors and an amazing lady. Can’t wait to read it.


    • Heidi says:

      I don’t think that’s stereotypical at all, Tam, I think it’s THE WHOLE POINT. The real reason for the season, y’know. I have a friend who went to the back for a loan just to have enough to buy presents for her kids, & my thought is, “This would be the year they learn the REAL reason for the season.” (Kids aren’t little, either, so they know there’s no Santa & are old enough to learn about “hard candy” Christmases. :butt )

      So happy you’re excited about the book. It just went in the mail yesterday…sorry about that; it takes me a while to get these things done, but I actually thought it had gone out earlier, only to discover it on the pile :reindeer …so you should get it soon!

  2. Mary Kirkland says:

    I was smart this Christmas and decided NOT to invite over family members that irritate me just because it’s the holidays. My dad and step mother were supposed to come over but my dad wasn’t feeling well so he didn’t. so we invited over a couple of my daughters friends and had a nice quiet, non argumentative meal. lol

  3. Qwillia Rain says:

    I had an equally quiet Christmas, spent 22 hours on Christmas Day editing, re-editing and formatting a book so I could get it uploaded for self-publishing…

    The checks are cute…and the Paws book as well, I’ll have to go look for that one.

    And you’re right about extending the holiday spirit…everyone should do it.


  4. Hollie says:

    Glad to see that you enjoyed you holiday! :cheers
    Mine started off with the flu! not the sniffle kind either….so hubster had to finish off the stocking shopping with all of the other last minute shoppers, and he didn’t complain..the best gift to me!!
    It also eliminated the dreaded “having the relatives over for Christmas eve.” so…. Bonus! :butt
    The kids liked all of their presents and there was no fighting..well until later…but that is to be expected.
    I’m still enjoying our Christmas break from school..back at it on the 9th.
    Now I’ve started the crafting toward Next Christmas!!! :hohoho

  5. says:

    I really enjoyed your post and am glad you had a good holiday. The checks are a meaningful treat for your mom and I bet she really appreciated them. I so understand your gift ideas. It really is the thought that counts. My thoughts automatically go to my brother-in-law, who is 60 and still gets a Hess Truck from his sister each year. 19 yrs ago he moved to New Orleans and can’t get them there. Wishing you and your family a very Happy New Year!

    • Heidi says:

      That is so cool. I definitely agree about meaningful gifts. I have a friend who collects mice mostly because she can’t find very many rats, which is her true love. Well, you can bet I’ve made it my mission in life to hunt down rat items for her. Just love it when I find something, because I love to surprise her with them. :gobble

      My fave was the year she told me her entire Xmas tree was decorated in mice & rats…the only thing she didn’t have was a tree topper because they just didn’t make them. Oh, yeah? I found her two! I just love being able to find something for somebody that they really want/need & haven’t been able to find on their own. :icecube

  6. ella says:


    well my holiday was quiet. we stayed home. I am glad the kids went back to school this week. I start back next week and I am ready for that. :tsspp
    as far as gifts, the adults did not do gifts this year and my kids made me something so that was special.
    love your blog? :candycane

    I could not leave without using santa! my fav! lol! :butt

    • Heidi says:

      Welcome, Ella—great to have you drop by!

      Quiet holidays are (imho, anyway) the best. And I’m also not a fan of buying things just to have presents under the tree or thins to unwrap. I want stuff to *mean* something & truly fill a need or be meaningful. My fam is great, tho…they know that even if I don’t shower them with prezzies on Xmas day, I will pick up things after the holidays or even earlier in the year, *as I see them* & that I think they’ll love.

      Have already done that this year, in what is quickly becoming known as my “post-Christmas shopping blitz.” :booby

      I think that also deserves a Santa moon, don’t you? :butt *G*

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