Sexy Fail Saturday

Bet you wish we could go back to all those Sexy Fail zombie pics now, huh? :green30


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  1. Minna says:

    Eeewww! Now I need brain bleach to get that picture out of my head! :green21

  2. TamVans says:

    Can we please have the Zombies back Miss Heidi? I swear I’ll be good. :green30

    Oh well, I’ll just have to cleanse my mind by long term staring at the Hunk of the Month……. All better now.

    Have a great weekend Y’all. :green25

  3. flchen1 says:

    Whoa, Heidi! NOT cool!! Happy Saturday though! :green30

  4. Anne says:


    I need cute smiley faces after seeing that. I would really love to know what he was thinking when he dressed like that.

  5. Kathleen O says:

    OMG..there are just… No words….

  6. Fiona Marsden says:

    Well…I definitely know that outfit wont work for me… *takes off wish list* :green16

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