Sexy Fail Saturday


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  1. Donna A says:

    I’ve got nothing. Speechless. facepalm.

  2. flchen1 says:

    *thunk* :kittyquestion

  3. Hollie says:

    I’m with Donna on this one!! Nothing! :kittyquestion

  4. Kathleen O says:

    You really have to wonder what goes on in some men’s minds when you see something like this…but then again maybe it’s better to just let the thoughts slide right by.. :laughing

  5. Heidi says:

    Don’t y’all mean RA-*cough, sputter, cough*WR? :laughing

    What I’m wondering is why he’s dressed like a lion in a…meekrat?…enclosure. Wouldn’t you think he’d opt for a Papa Meekrat suit instead? :kittyquestion

  6. Ruth A. Chestnut says:

    :laughing :laughing :laughing Have no words for this….. :kittyquestion

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