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PhotobucketEven though I’m well into the story already, I’ve spent all this time trying to decide who I want to picture as my hero & heroine of PROJECT:  RUNAWAY HEIRESS, the first book in my upcoming “Project:  Passion” series for Harlequin Desire.

There are going to be three books to start, one about each of the three Zaccaro sisters—Lily, Juliet, & Zoe.  Book 1 (PROJECT: RUNAWAY HEIRESS) is about eldest sister, Lily, who runs off to Los Angeles & meets the sexy CEO of a British clothing company, Nigel Statham.

And of course these people have to be gorgeous, right?  Lily is also smart, so her celebrity counterpart has to reflect that.

All three sisters are blonde, so I think I’ve decided to use Reese Witherspoon as my inspiration for Lily Zaccaro.


She’s pretty & stylish, bright & savvy, just like Lily.  What do you think?

Then for Nigel, I’m picturing him a little blond.  (Don’t ask me why; I normally avoid blond heroes because I know they don’t translate well on covers & that publishers usually avoid doing too blond, regardless of an author’s description in the book.)

But for some reason, I seem to be leaning toward Simon Baker.

PhotobucketPhotobucketMaybe with some shorter, less wavy hair…


With maybe a bit of this guy thrown in:


I don’t even know who he is, but he’s working for me big-time when I picture Nigel. :howyoudoin


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  1. carole says:

    I like the doctor from Grey and i don’t know his name but he’s really good-looking.

  2. Kathleen O says:

    Hunk number two is Kevin McKidd and he is from Scotland.. I could really really get into your book, I mean i am already into, it, but if you had either a Scot or and Aussie as the hero… I would be in heaven and if he was Irish I woudl be in seventh heaven.. And I love Reese as the heroine, well she is one of my fav actresses. I just adore her.

    • Heidi says:

      Ah-ha! Thank you. It really was driving me crazy that I didn’t know who he was. And I wanted to kick myself because when I found the pic & saved it in my research file, I closed the page before I made a note of his name. :evilmonkey

      And knowing he’s a Scot…I think I just melted into a tiny puddle of drool. :hotstuff

      The hero of this book is a Brit, but you can pretend he’s Scottish, Irish, or Australian, if you want. Heck, I’m using Simon Baker as inspiration & he’s an Aussie. :howyoudoin

  3. Grace S says:

    That second one is Kevin McKidd, Scottish smoking hottie of Gray’s Anatomy fame, although he made a delish Poseidon in the Percy Jackson movie.

    I normally don’t go for blond at all, but a couple notable exceptions for me are Sean Bean (dirty blonde) and if one skews quite a bit younger, the amazingly hot Chris Helmsworth of Thor fame.

    • Heidi says:

      If I’d known he was on Grey’s Anatomy, I may have actually watched it a time or two. And I haven’t seen Percy Jackson yet, but it’s on my DVR! Woot—something to look forward to. :devil

      Dirty blonde is a great way to describe my hero, I think. Definitely not light blond or sunstreaked or anywhere close to Reese up there. LOL

      And Sean Bean… *le sigh*

      • Grace S says:

        You need to watch Percy Jackson……Kevin McKidd is Poseidon and Sean Bean is Zeus. And they both wear those rocking leather kilt and armor outfits. ::thud::

  4. Tammy Beck says:

    Reese would be a perfect. She seems so sweet and is pretty. Simon works as a hero for me. Another good looking blonde british actor is Charlie Hunnam.

  5. Pam Lowery says:

    Heidi, do you watch General Hospital? You should check out Nathin Butler who plays Ewen on the show! He would make an awesome Nigel a good in between Simon Baker and the guy from Greys! He is SO good looking! And yes I did spell his name right, he is from “down-under!

    • Heidi says:

      I don’t, but suspect I’ll be doing a good old-fashioned Google search here in a bit. I’m always in the market for new pics of hot guys to use as research. :howyoudoin

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