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As mentioned earlier, I had a small medical procedure done yesterday.  Well, maybe not so small, since they knocked me out to do it.  But it is an outpatient procedure, so by this time, I should be home & resting comfortably. :oucher

“Resting” being the pertinent term here.  Since I’m writing this before the procedure, I have no idea how I’ll be feeling or how long it will take me to be up & around & back online.

In my absence, I will be trusting you to entertain yourselves.  So be good, okay? :mistress

I also thought it might be fun to take bets on how long you think I’ll be away from The Dungeon.

So take your best guess:

Who are you trying to fool—she was back yesterday!

Heidi will be back today.

Heidi will be back later tonight.

Heidi will be back tomorrow.

Heidi will be back over the weekend.

Heidi won’t be back until next week.  We are on our own.  The Dungeon is ours.  Time to party! :devang

The winner will receive the thanks of a grateful nation, or something like that. :ROFL

You’re also welcome to take bets on other things, if you want.

Like what kind of procedure I had done…  (It’s not that big a deal, really, & it’s only embarrassing if you’re squeamish to begin with…or a man. LOL :bart )

Or what I’m reading &/or watching during my recovery… :babybook

Or who’s taking care of me during my convalescence

Pick a topic.  Have fun with it.  Just keep it clean, because you know how sensitive & innocent I am, & I don’t want to be shocked upon my return. :eyelashes

Be good.  I’ll be back soon!


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  1. Donna says:

    I hope all goes well. I figure you will be back tomorrow because nothing keeps Mistress Heidi down for long. Besides I don’t think the kitties will allow you to rest for long. I know mine don’t.

  2. Paula R. says:

    Heidi, sorry you had to have surgery, even though it’s outpatient.

    I think your cats are gonna do a great job of taking care of you. You’ll be good as new by the weekend. Hmmm….thought just popped into my head…maybe your Darling Dwayne will make a house call…hmmm.

    Seriously, take care of yourself, my friend. Rest up, read and relax.

    Peace and love,
    Paula R.

  3. Hollie says:

    I bet she’ll be on later today….and her favorite nurse is being a true ROCK for her to lean on!
    and did you REALLY need to have that boob job??? really????

    Hope you are feeling better! Miss you!

  4. KathleenO says:

    i am sure all will go well with the procedure and you will most likley feel right as rain tomorrow :umbrella …You will be a little out of it today..
    I will just raise a glass and wish you well…. :drinkme

  5. Laura J. says:

    Okay, here’s the real scoop.

    Heidi is on some secluded island with both Dwayne and Jason. As for “when” she will be back, well that depends on when they start acting like typical men and she has to kick their cute butts to the curve until they come groveling back promising they will be better boyfriends and never, ever screw up again.

  6. Shadow says:

    awww. i hope your feeling better! i hope all is well!

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