Pamela Cayne in The Dungeon

I am very excited & delighted to welcome our very own Darling of The Dungeon PAMELA CAYNE to WIPs and Chains today!


 photo tempPamela Cayne_zpsqs7atwnx.jpgGrowing up in Montana, playing the French horn, and earning in a degree in physics led Pamela Cayne to the one thing nobody expected her to be:  a writer—and a romance writer at that!  Now, in between watching Doctor Who and the Food Network, Pamela writes love stories about people who—no matter how broken or damaged they are—find that one person who understands, accepts, and loves them anyway.  She lives in the southwest with her husband, also a writer, where they enthusiastically discuss better ways to torture their characters.

I first met Pamela when she bought me—yes, literally purchased me—from one of Brenda Novak’s online auctions for diabetes.  I was on sale to do lunch (or breakfast or dinner, depending on mutual schedules) at that summer’s Romance Writers of America conference.  Though I didn’t know what to expect (trust me, these “blind dates” can either be really great or complete torture…& not the fun kind that Mistress Heidi engages in :img19 ) but I do remember Pamela saying something along the lines of, “As soon as I saw the Faves list on your website, I knew I had to meet you!”  I don’t know how Pamela felt about our get-together, but I had a blast, & we’ve pretty much been friends ever since! :img25

And now I get to share her with the world, letting her be our guest of honor while we discuss her debut romance release, THE FIGHTER AND THE FALLEN WOMAN.

Are you ready for this?  ‘Cause it’s gonna be good!  Let’s put her on The Rack, shall we? 

What is your favorite color?  My favorite color is blue, though lately I’ve been really getting into a deep red, like a cranberry. And now I’m craving vodka…

Favorite song?  Just one? Can’t be done. I love Mumford and Sons, Great Big Sea, Rat Pack, Garth Brooks and Ed Sheeran to name a few. And 80s music—looooooove 80s music. I will say my writing is very music-based, so sometimes favorite songs/performers depend on the book I’m currently working on.

Favorite movie?  Oh, wow—again, just one? Don’t think I can do it here, either. Love The Princess Bride, The Mummy, Strictly Ballroom (or any Baz Luhrmann movie!), Hugo, Twister, Galaxy Quest (“Never give up, never surrender!”), almost any Guy Ritchie film, The Proposal (Ryan Reynolds? Sandra Bullock? Betty White? C’mon—it’s almost perfect!) or basically anything with a good love story.

And of course, favorite book?  *snorts*

What was the first book in your chosen genre that you remember reading, or that made you want to write the same?  Julie Garwood. My first book is basically a fan-fic of hers, but where I’d loved other historical romance authors, she was the first author that made me want to write one.

What do you think of Heidi? She’s great, right?  Hell yeah, she’s great!!! Why do you think she was one of the top acknowledgements in my book? Seriously, she is the sweetest, nicest, most supportive, funniest, BESTEST HUMANS EVER! If everybody had Heidi in their corner, world peace would be solved, all animals would have a happy home, and Firefly would still be on the air.  (Heidi primps & preens & pats herself on the back.  And also says, Hell, yeah, Firefly would still be on the air. :img20  

And lookee-lookee, here’s the touching, flatter-will-get-you-everywhere acknowledgement…  (if you can read it, ’cause I’m not great at screen shots :img11 )

 photo Screenshot 2015-05-05 01.02.08_zpsus5yovld.png

Now back to Pamela… :img4

How did you get started writing?  I tried writing some poetry, even though I’d never really read any.  My dear, sweet, very patient husband offered me some tips, but the best one was, “Write what you love.” Never looked back.

Tell us a little bit about your first sale.  I was just about to self-publish, desperate to get my book out in the world, when I saw there was going to be a #CarinaPitch event on Twitter the next day. Polished up all 140 characters, and two editors asked to see it. Next thing I know, I’m getting The Call from Angela James—on April 1st, no less! :img35

Fill in the blank—If you like [blank], you’ll love Pamela Cayne!  If you love dark, gritty Victorian romances, you’ll love Pamela Cayne!!! (I put in an extra two exclamation points, just for flavor, yanno… :img10 )

You made your debut in March with THE FIGHTER AND THE FALLEN WOMAN.  Tell us about it and why we’ll love every word.

The Fighter and the Fallen Woman is the book of my soul. I adore historical romance—just finished reading Julia Quinn’s Bridgerton series again for the upteenth time—but I go totally nuts for a really gritty, blood-sweat-and-tears love story. Combine those two loves and I had to write a dark historical romance, exactly the kind I wanted to read. There are no titles or dandies in my story, no balls or soirees—just a prostitute who’s terrified that the man she was just made to kiss could see the woman behind the whore, and a fighter who thinks he’s found the one woman who not only understands the dark world he lives in, but accepts him, anyway. If you’ve been itching for a historical romance with a little dirt on its face, The Fighter and the Fallen Woman is for you! :img32

If your plane crashed in the Andes, would you convince the other survivors to eat Heidi first or last?  I would set the other survivors eating each other, then would carry Heidi to safety on my shoulders so all of her, even her little piggie toes, would return to civilization safe and sound.  (Further intrusive note from Heidi:  Wow, that is some truly hypothetically heroic behavior!  If I ever travel anywhere scary or am traveling anywhere that passes a scary spot, I am totally doing it with Darling Pam! :img24 ) 

If you could write anything—whether in the same genre/sub-genre as you’re writing now or another—what would it be?  Hmm…great question. I do adore writing my dark Victorians, but could have some fun with a kick-ass thriller heroine.

What are you currently working on?  I’m working on my next dark Victorian romance about a woman who desperately wants to join her brother’s gang but falls in love with the man she needs to defeat in order to win her place.


Leather or lace?  Leather, all the way.

Devil or angel?  Why do I feel like either answer is going to get me struck by lightning? :img33

Angel food or devil’s food?  Devil’s food, definitely devil’s food!

Hemlock or arsenic?  I swear, Officer, I don’t know what this question is about! I was helping a little old lady across the street that day. Pinky swear! :img34

Blood, sweat, or tears?  Definitely all three.

Boxers, briefs…or commando?  Commando—I love a man out of uniform!

Cowgirl or missionary? (Hey, get your mind out of the gutter. I was simply asking what you wanted to be when you were growing up. :-p)  Cowgirl, and I have the boots to prove it—yeehaw!!!

See, I told you she was made of awesome!  And you can visit her any time you like by going to her website:

But that’s not all! :img5  As though she even needs to add a cherry on top of all that awesomeness, Pamela has also graciously offered to give away a copy of her debut Carina Press release! :img9

Simply ask a question or leave a gushingly enamored comment for Darling Pamela & you’ll be entered to win a copy of THE FIGHTER AND THE FALLEN WOMAN—Kindle edition, so there are no restrictions on this giveaway. :img10

Winner will be announced on Sunday, May 10th, & either I or Darling Pamela will contact you for your info.

Good luck & enjoy chatting with our fabulous guest!



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  1. Michele H says:

    I enjoyed the interview, my type of humor! I mostly read western historical but Pamela’s Victorian historical sounds intriguing.

    • Pamela Cayne says:

      Michele–hi! I think it stands to figure if we’re both (all) visitors to the Dungeon, we’re going to share a lot of most excellent traits (sense of humor, wit, knockout looks and killer gams to name a few…) Sound about right, Heidi?

      I love western historicals, too–got any good suggestions? :img14

      Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting–great to “meet” you!!

  2. DebraG says:

    I love interviews that are so much fun to read. thanks :img2

    • Pamela Cayne says:

      Oh, Debra–compliments like that are going to get you ANYTHING, you fabulous dungeon dweller, you!! :img9

      Although the best part, I cannot take credit for. The little gif of Chris Farley shaking his groove thing was all Heidi! 😉

      Thanks for stopping by and saying hi! *waves* :img24

  3. Minna says:

    Great interview! :img15

    • Pamela Cayne says:

      Minna–thank you!!! I admit I was really nervous about being a guest in the Dungeon… :img12
      …but everybody’s been so nice and wonderful that I’m now all relaxed and feel like we’re hanging out at Heidi’s. :img4

      Thanks so much for stopping by–hope you’re having a great day!!! 🙂

  4. Dee says:

    Great interview. Congrats on the book. Sounds like a winner to me.

    • Pamela Cayne says:

      Dee–thank you!!! If I may, yeah–the book is wonderful, and I’m not biased at all!! :img2

      Can I assume from your avatar that you’re Italian? Love the thought of having a flag for an avatar like that–very cool!

      Thanks for stopping by and checking out my interview! It was great to “meet” you here! :img13

      • Dee says:

        I will definitely be sure to get a copy!

        Yes, I’m Italian, well Italian-American. MY dad was born in Italy though. It’s one of my favorite vacation spots.

        • Pamela Cayne says:

          Dee–thank you!!! We have a friend who seems to go to Italy once a year and the pictures and stories he brings back–oh, makes me swoon! (It’s just not the same as being Norwegian!) 😉

  5. Brooke C says:

    Wow, great interview. It was so much fun to read :img14 And your book sounds very intriguing, like nothing I’ve ever read before!

    • Pamela Cayne says:

      Brooke–thank you! I don’t think I tried to write something different, just that great advice of “write what you’d like to read.” I’ve always loved the darker romance stories, so this came naturally.

      I’m so glad you liked the interview–Heidi brings out the very best in people and I’m so glad I bought her!! (No, I’ll *never* get tired of saying that! Tee hee!) :img37

      Thanks for stopping by–hope you’re having a great day!!

  6. Mary Kirkland says:

    That interview was so much fun to read. The fun you both had doing it really came through. I’m not sure I’ve read many Victorian Romances but I’m up for any genre.

    You won a blind date with Heidi! That sounds awesome! And so much fun.


    • Pamela Cayne says:

      Mary, so glad you enjoyed it! Heidi is so wonderful (see part about me carrying her out of the Alps on my back) that she can make anybody sound good! :img13

      If you give THE FIGHTER AND THE FALLEN WOMAN a try, let me know how you like the Victorian sub-genre. I love pretty much all historical romance, but there was something about the grit of the Victorian era I couldn’t ignore.

      Thanks for stopping by and saying howdy! Hope you’re having a great day! :img31

  7. Heidi says:

    I’m doing the chubby bikini gal dance that you guys finally get to see just how mah-velous Darling Pam is! :img5 I told you—didn’t I? didn’t I? :img14

    • Pamela Cayne says:

      True fact–I am here editing in between delightful dashes to The Dungeon and wearing my Mutts t-shirt she gave me those many years ago. It is my lucky writing shirt and, I’m pretty sure, the reason I’m published. That’s how amazing Heidi is. :img25

      • Heidi says:

        Ohmigosh, I nearly forgot about that! I just remember how much fun we had. :img25

        I can’t believe it became your lucky writing shirt—that is SO COOL! :img5 But you’re published because you’re wicked talented; I knew that from a handful of e-mails & a couple of notes you’ve sent me. :img14

        I LOVE your blog post about out first meeting, too! I’d read it before, of course, but reading it again brought it all back in all the best ways. :img19 We must do that again one of these days…& you don’t even have to buy me, I’ll come alone more than willingly. :img13

        • Pamela Cayne says:

          “…you don’t even have to buy me, I’ll come alone more than willingly.”

          I am so ROFL right now!! :img2

          (But yes–another visit would be WONDERFUL!!!) 😀

          • Heidi says:

            Are you implying that I maybe should have spelled “along” correctly? I will come ALONG more than willingly. Altho alone is good, too. :img11

  8. Hollie says:

    The book sounds amazing!! I am so proud of you and hope you publish a hundred more books!! :img15 :img15

  9. Donna A says:

    Thanks for the fun interview. Will have to check out the book.

    • Pamela Cayne says:

      Donna–it was such a fun interview to do! Heidi is the most wonderful hostess and just fun, fun, fun! :img19

      Thanks so much for stopping by today–hope you had a great day, and a wonderful weekend lined up. It was great to “meet” you!! :img15

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