I’m a little late in sharing this, but two weekends ago at the Washington (D.C.) Romance Writers conference, I was honored with their Outstanding Achievement Award.

And I really am honored.  WRW is a wonderful group, & this particular award is…well, outstanding. :puppydance

 photo WRWOutstandingAchievementAward_2013_zps51086c45.jpg
Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend the conference, but I did send along this little acceptance speech:

Thank you so much for this amazing and unexpected honor. I don’t feel very outstanding right now, lurking in my deadline cave instead of spending the weekend having drinks…I mean, fun with such a terrific group of friends and fellow writers, but I very much appreciate being the recipient of this outstanding award, and I’ll not only think of WRW every time I look at it, but will also try to continue to live up to it. :) Thank you again!

And that pretty much sums it up.  It’s a gorgeous award that I’m truly thrilled someone thought I was deserving of. :heartkitty