Please, no, not yet.  I’m not ready for this season of The Walking Dead to be over already! :spring24


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  1. Laura J. says:

    Hang in their Heidi! It will be okay.

    Also, from what I’m hearing it’s gonna be one hell of an episode. (I don’t watch it, but I read some spoilers–which I won’t be sharing with you)

    And also :spring27

    • Heidi says:

      No, no spoilers! I DVRed it Sunday night, but knew I’d be out & about today, so I’m saving it for Tuesday morning on the Torture Cycle. But I’m so nervous! And excited! And nervous! :spring1

      And sad that I have to wait until October for it to come back. Normally, waiting for a new season isn’t too bad, but AMC is terrible about playing repeats in the meantime. They do just about nothing #TheWalkingDead until just before the new season, then run marathons. I really need a few episodes in between to tide me over. :spring3

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