Moan & Groan Monday

Welcome to another Moan & Groan Monday—where we shake off the happiness of yesterday & allow our inner whiner to come out. :may6

My first M&G this week is that Nature’s Variety—a frozen raw pet food company—is changing their formulas.  Up to now, their foods have been appropriate for dogs & cats together, & The Kittehs love their venison.  But now they’re reformulating into dog-only & cat-only, & the cat-only formulas are going to come in much smaller (& more expensive) packages, as well as being available in only three flavors…none of which The Kittehs like. :May37

Whaaaaaaa!  What am I going to do?!  I do buy another brand of frozen raw—Primal—but The Kittehs only like the venison version of that, too, & not all of The Kittehs will eat it.  I’m especially worried about Miss Bella who only eats Nature’s Variety venison & won’t touch the Primal.  Have I mentioned whaaaaaaaaaa!?

Moan & Groan #2 is that two of my favorite shows—NBC’s Dracula & Fox’s Almost Human—have been cancelled after only one season each. :may38   Stupid, stupid, stupid networks!  They never seem willing to give a show a chance; it has to be an instant success or they kill it out of hand.  Did they learn nothing from the Firefly debacle of 2003? :may12   I am seriously, seriously going to miss them.

A third M&G is that I accidentally stepped on my—or rather Madame Mommy Dearest‘s—laptop.  Just my heel & just the corner while it was closed, but apparently it was enough to crack the heck out of the screen.  It started out as a thumb print-sized smear at the very top, but has since developed into an actual crack all the way down the center of the screen.  Sigh.

I took it to a repair shop, where they told me they could fix it up for about $300.  And I was willing to pay that because it’s a decent machine & I don’t use it for major work; just a bit of online stuff & reading manuscripts when it’s time to polish them up before turning them over to my editors.  Even MMD really only checks e-mail & does a bit of web surfing from time to time.  But then the repair place pointed out that the laptop is running Windows XP, which is now obsolete; Microsoft is no longer offering updates, which leaves it open to hackers & viruses & all that jazz.

Instead, they suggested I switch over to a refurbished laptop running Windows 7, for about the same price.  That sounded okay to me, so I went with it.  But within a day of having the “new” laptop, I had to return it.  It crashed about eight times in the first two hours I had it running & I just could not deal with that!  Thankfully, they were nice enough to give me a full refund, but now I’m…well, still working on the old laptop, but with the annoying crack & the worry of that XP thing hanging over my head.

What I want & need to do is go on a little shopping trip & get myself a new Macbook.  I’m leaning toward the Macbook Air over the Pro, & it will be great to have it sync to my desktop iMac.  Not an expense I wanted to deal with quite yet, but something that I guess needs to be done.  And I’m almost looking forward to a new toy now that I know I have to get one. :mat27

There’s more I could Moan & Groan about (it’s been a long week :may17 ), but I’ll pass the torch & let you guys share your M&Gs instead!

So what has you grinding your teeth this week?  It’s okay, we’re all friends here—feel free to vent. :may8


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  1. Mary Kirkland says:

    Oh no, time to try some new kitteh foods and see if they will like any of them.

    That kitteh picture is just too funny. You can just see that cat saying that…you know, if cats talked.

    My moan and groan this week is that my neighbor has planted what is starting to look like a FARM in the rocks right next to my door. She moved the rocks and planted a vegetable garden and while I think it’s great..she now has planted Oleander bushes *which are attracting bee’s*

    And she planted a bunch of vegetables and flowers which have brought out the ants and bugs…

    I saw a couple of ants heading towards my door so I sprayed and she went beserk! Like her head was going to open up and fire was going to come out. All because I sprayed Raid in front of MY door, not hers. She was afraid some of the Raid mist would magically float over to her vegetables and I don’t know what…maybe kill her if she ate them. It’s not like I stood out there and sprayed raid into the wind over her garden *which is filled with ants and bugs and bee’s*

    I made the mistake of saying, “You’ve got 5 seconds to back the f*ck up outta my face.”

    Her response? “Oh really? 5..4..3..2..1.. whatcha gonna do?

    My response? “I would wash all your vegetables before you ate them if I was you.” and I walked back in my apartment.


    Of course I’m not gonna do anything to her vegetables *you know like urinate on them or anything* but she doesn’t know that.


    • Heidi says:

      Oh, boy. I’m surprised any bugs would wander away from the garden, since that’s where all the food is. I’m not a fan of sprays, I’d have probably flipped, too…but I’m not a fan of bugs, either. :may12

  2. barbie says:

    Moan and groan is too many projects and test at the same time !!!!!

  3. PattiF says:

    No biggie, but Friday morning I stubbed my little toe. Friday and Saturday it was purple. :may33 Better today, though it still hurts.

    • Heidi says:

      Ouch! Do you think it’s broken?

      I just stubbed my foot & told MMD, “3 of the 5 toes did not survive.” But it definitely wasn’t as bad as yours! :May37

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