Merry Christmas to me (from me) – the saga continues

Last time on “Merry Christmas to me (from me)“…

You remember, right?  I was recapping my super-awesome post-holiday shopping binge.  The one that singlehandedly renewed our economy & provided jobs to millions of previously out-of-work store clerks.  Yeah, it was that kind of spree. :peekaboo

The bills for which I am just now being asked to pay. :Huh

What I really want to share, though, is my absolute delight over something I’ve been wanting, but did not think I’d manage to get for another couple of Christmases…at least not at a price I was willing to pay.


Seasons 1 -6!!!

Oh, yeah—this is about as happy as I’ve been in a really long time. :twirl

So here’s the story:  I’d already been “monitoring” them at Amazon & Barnes&Noble & such, thinking I might be able to catch a sale, even if I had to start small & buy them out of order.  Then, for some bizarre reason, I decided to check  I think to see how much they likely were at my local store…just out of curiosity.

Well, imagine my dismay (i.e. the shock that nearly sent me falling out of my chair) when I discovered they were on sale for only $10 each.  $10! A season! :jumping

Could this be real?  Could I really get nearly the entire Supernatural series for only $10 per season?

Oh, wait, here’s the catch—they were completely sold out.  Of course.  To be filed under either “Story of My Life” or “Can’t Have Anything Nice.”  :sick

And can I just tell you that this kept me up at night?  Literally on Christmas Eve, I could not sleep…& it wasn’t ’cause I was waiting for Santa to come sliding down the chimney.  I was mentally banging my head against the wall.  Why me?  Why couldn’t I have discovered that sale just a day or two earlier?  Why, why, why?!  Then my brain clicked into Scorpio Gear.  There has to be some way to fix this.  There has to be some way I can still get these :curses DVDs at that price.  Never give up, never surrender!  (Oh, wait, that’s from Galaxy Quest.  Well, Commander Taggert most likely was a Scorpio.)

And I came up with this:  Perhaps they were also on sale in-store.  I would call first thing in the morning.  Which means I barely slept from that point on & was up at the ass-crack of dawn.  On Christmas Day.  To call Wal-Mart.

Except that Wal-Mart wasn’t open Christmas Day.  Wal-Mart!  The 24-hour, always-open, work-their-employees-to-the-bone Wal-Mart was closed.  Seriously?!

Rough twenty-four hours, let me tell you. :runrun

When I finally was able to call, the DVDs were not on sale.  They were, in fact, $30+ each.  Pffffft.

Back to the drawing board.  (No, I hadn’t given up, I was merely at an impasse.)

Another fitful night, this time in Winnie-the-Pooh mode:  Think.  Think.  Think.

It took me another twenty-four hours, but I came up with another idea!  You know how Wal-Mart with price match if you have a flyer from another store showing an item on sale at a lower price?  Well, if they’ll do that, why wouldn’t they be willing to price match their own sale from the website?

Yes!  This might just work!  So as much as I despise leaving the house (especially in the winter), I got dressed & did just that, my trusty little printout from the website in hand.  I prayed all the way there.  Yes, I know God probably has better things to do than further my obsessive-compulsive tendencies by helping me add to my TV-on-DVD collection, but I prayed nonetheless.  I also promised to make an equal donation to the animal charity of His choice, if He helped me succeed.  That way, everybody wins; the materialistic side of my personality is appeased & homeless animals (of the ASPCA, it turns out) are helped. :blowkiss

So I walked up to the Customer Service desk, my heart pounding a mile a minute.  There was a line, so I had time to school my breathing & rehearse my little speech.  Then it was my turn.  I smiled big, creepy Sheldon smile, took a deep breath, & dove in.  And all I did was ask if they could price match a sale I’d discovered at their own website online because the items I wanted to order were out of stock.  The women barely blinked—Sure, she said, just tell the clerk when you check out.

Really, that’s it?  I had to take blood pressure medicine before leaving the house, I was such a nervous wreck, & all I get is a less than enthusiastic Sure?  Well, okay.  Not gonna look a gift horse in the mouth.  I swallow my yip of joy & skipped—literally skipped—my way back to Electronics.  (Note to self:  It is perhaps not a good idea to exert yourself quite so physically so soon after major abdominal surgery.  I did feel that the next morning. :sick But it was totally freaking worth it, & that’s what heavy narcotic painkillers are for! :muahaha )

You should have seen me once I got back there.  I was like a kid in a candy story.  A Sex and the City girl at a shoe sale.  A cocaine addict with a straw, a mirror, & a pile of the white stuff.  I was grabbing, grabbing, grabbing, stacking the sets in my arms & using my chin to keep them from falling over.

Season 1 — check.

Season 2 — check.

Season 3… Where is Season 3?  Where the hell is Season 3?!  Nooooo!…  Oh, there it is.  Whew.

Season 3 — check.

Season 4 — check.

Season 5 — check.

Season 6 — check.

Season 7…  Not yet released. I shall put that on next year’s Christmas List. :winkwink

Oh, happy day!  And a Christmas miracle, to be sure.  (Though not the kind they’re going to tell stories about a hundred years from now.  But in my book, it totally counts!)

I smiled like a damn loon the entire rest of the day.  And clutched those DVDs like a newborn baby.

And here’s the ironic part—I’m still watching the episodes TNT is playing because I haven’t actually seen them all yet.  I’m totally on board, though; cannot imagine a day I don’t love just about every episode of this show.  I also don’t want to break through the pretty plastic wrapping any sooner than I have to.  So as long as they’re running repeats or brand new episodes on TV, I will catch them there.  Because I’m funny that way. :drinkup

PhotobucketI was so happy afterward that I also decided to stop at the State Store, & they actually had some flavored vodkas on sale!  Woot!  Vodka is my favorite, & flavored vodka is even better!  Got me some Pink Lemonade & Green Apple.  Haven’t opened those yet, either, but aren’t they purty together?

So maybe now you can understand why I’m still dancing around singing, Merry Christmas to me!  Merry Christmas to me! :twirl   Oh, yeah, it was a good one, even if I did have to do most of the heavy lifting myself. *G*


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  1. Mary Kirkland says:

    I’m weird I don’t buy movies or dvd sets. Once I’ve seen the show or episode..I’m done with it. I’ve seen all the episodes of Supernatural since it first started so I don’t want to watch them again. lol

    I will rent a dvd set of show I haven’t seen but I don’t buy dvd’s.

    • Heidi says:

      You *are* weird, Mary! LOL You’re also just like my mother. She’s not a big fan of fiction to begin with, so once she’s seen a movie or TV show, she’s done.

      I am SO the opposite. When I like something, I watch it a zillion times & almost never get tired of it. Even with Supernatural…I haven’t seen them all yet (I’m midway thru S6), but I’ve already begun recording them all from the beginning again. And I *love* having shows/movies that I love on DVD, just in case I get a hankering at 3am. :heart

      I am guessing, tho, that your house is a lot less cluttered than mine. I’m running out of space for all these must-haves. :oops

      • Mary Kirkland says:

        Oh no, it’s cluttered but not with dvd’s…with books. lol I have 3 free standing bookshelves and three wall bookshelves…and then there’s the stacks of books on other places like tables, dressers ect. So I have my clutter as well.

  2. Quilt Lady says:

    I don’t really buy DVD’s because once I have seen something I don’t care about watching it again. We haven’t even rented anything for a while, just got out of the habit. :blowkiss

    • Heidi says:

      I haven’t rented anything or even gone to the movies in AGES. I just wait for everything to hit TV or DVD, it seems. But I am not of the once-&-done mindset. Oh, no—ten thousand-&-done doesn’t even enter my vocabulary. :moon

  3. Laura J. says:

    I’m select on which sets I buy. I usually get the ones that are British series that you can’t watch on tv over here (Like Fawlty Towers with John Cleese or Fortysomething with Hugh Laurie—so funny!! Not to mention they can get away with so much more.) But I REALLY want all the Big Bang Theory ones (Oh how I LOVE Sheldon and that one you have up there….AWESOME!!)

    Now if I can just get a deal like you got (and when I actually have money on me to spend) I would be in Heaven.

    I still need to check out Supernatural too. All that hotness and I have yet to see it.

    • Heidi says:

      The awful thing is that some of the shows I’d really love to have on DVD have never been released. Try finding a copy of Space Rangers that plays on all DVD players. Or The District, The Outsiders (series, not movie), Chicago Sons… :curses

      But you MUST check out Supernatural. I, too, was living under a rock for the longest time, but now I want to beat myself over the head with that rock for not catching it sooner. And dangit all, it *just* started playing again from the beginning on TNT this past Monday. Now you have to wait.

      Seriously – wait. Much like the Anita Blake or Black Dagger Brotherhood, you *need* to see this show from the very beginning & in order. Please trust me on this.

  4. jay says:

    Lol! I’m totally like you. :rolf

    I buy movies that I love and can watch them over and over again. And I adore Disney movies, old and new, musicals and series! :heart

    And the pause button definitely is a plus for scenes like Hugh Jackman’s nekkid behind in Wolverine. :blowkiss There are just some things you have to pause for. :muahaha

    So I say on with the DVDs for this year’s Christmas wishlist. :kitty

    • Heidi says:

      Thank God – I was starting to develop a complex, being the only one around here today who hoards…I mean, collects DVDs.

      I love Disney & musicals, too! That’s part of the reason I like to have all my favorite movies & TV shows on DVD…if I hear/see something that puts me in the mood, I want to be able to dig it out & watch it right away.

      Of course, I also love catching stuff on TV.

      And, yes, that pause feature does come in handy every so often. :winkwink

      • jay says:

        Oh yes, we hoar…uh, collectors must stand together. :jumping

        Yes depending on my mood, I’ll rewatch certain ones. For example, when I want to get in touch with my inner child, out comes Charlotte’s Web, the animated one. Well that and a box of kleenex. :p Still saddens me when she dies.

        And when I’m feeling in need of man eye candy, out comes Butler, Jackman, the Highlander series with Adrian Paul, someone’s fave going by The Rock and a few choice others. :whip :winkwink

        • Heidi says:

          Oh, Highlander the Series. Got it, love it…haven’t seen it on a while. SyFy played some eps a while ago, but I missed them. I’m thinking a marathon may be in my future. Also Hercules with Kevin Sorbo, cuz a little hot guy bare chest is never bad for the writing. :cuffs

          I hope, tho, that when you dig out those DVDs of my Darling Dwayne, you are watching them with an art house attitude & not ogling him like some hormone-crazed school girl. That kind of behavior is reserved for Moi only, tyvm. :whip

          • jay says:

            Oh, absolutely, Mistress Heidi! Noooooo, ogling here. I figure I’d leave that up to you. :dropmouth Since you are so much better at it than little ole me. :moon :muahaha

  5. chimney pipe says:

    You are great! God love you, the world will be more nice If everyone like your. :thumbsup

  6. Kathleen O says:

    I have never bought a “season” of anything on DVD.. But there are a couple of ones that I would like to get.. I am glad you had such a fun time getting your DVD”s.. You and I have something in commen… we both like Vodka :drinkup as our drink of choice.. Enjoy watching all your TV series and have a drink for me… :winkwink

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